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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Ever Had One Of Those Days?

Pin It So I have to admit: I'm depressed about my knee. I'm depressed that I hurt it playing freaking dodgeball! I took the weekend off, but decided to just go about my regular workouts this week. To be honest, it doesn't hurt when I exercise! I've been icing it like crazy and popping NSAIDs (Ibuprofen) to try to heal it. So far it's feeling better but it's achy.

Monday I didn't want to go too crazy so did a 30 minute high intensity circuit: 1 minute skipping, 1 minute ball taps, 30 second BOSU push ups, 30 second equalizer wide chin ups, and 1 minute kettlebell swings. I felt awesome!

Tuesday was my regular Sculpt class, and I always do some kind of cardio before it. I decided to take the Zumba class right before mine because it's not super high impact and works up a good sweat. Afterwards, my knee felt like it was going to explode. I felt sorry for myself and had a SERIOUS vent sesh with Christina (The Athletarian- an awesome blog!) not only about injury but of just having one of those days where you just feel DOWN. Like all your hard work isn't paying off. It's so easy to get off track and fall off the wagon. How do you motivate yourself to KEEP GOING?
Today I had to cheer myself up and see my yoga instructor (read about our love affair here) for an early-morning class. Well, turns out you really need your knee in yoga. Go figure.

I had a guest instructor come into my dance class today and she taught us Body Combat- a kickboxing style workout class. I, of course, had to do it- not only to motivate my students but because I REALLY wanted to!!

Now I sit here, feeling crappy. I look back on all the awesome workouts I've had in the last 3 days, and how awesome exercise usually makes me feel. If I've had a crappy day, usually a great run or workout can get me out of a rut. Now, all I can think about is my dumb knee. Actually, I'm thinking about my dumb self. You never really appreciate your movement abilities until something is taken away from you!

Remind me to get Botox.

1. Be honest. Is this the most pathetic post you've ever read?


2. How do you keep yourself motivated through an injury?

This I have a really hard time with. I could use any of your advice!


  1. oh my gosh, i wish i could just come over there with some boxes of smores pop tarts and cupcakes, then let u yell all that frustration out in a series of expletives! that's my cure all, didn't know? ;) jk.

    in an effort to not make this comment epic i'll try to be succinct. we ALL go through injuries, they suck the big one. and when we know that we've 'overdoen it' and made our injury worse, we feel like crap. mostly cuz we know that we will have to now tailor our workouts back for longer or prolonged the injury. what u need to do is this: vent it all out like you did, allow yourself that 'wallow' period, but then stop. from there be proactive and as positive as you can. ice that knee, find out wat you CAN do that doesn't hurt it (how about the elliptical, swimming?) and take it a day at a time.

    after i got hit by the car i thought i'd seriously go insane. but i took it one day at a time, actually sometimes an hour at a time, and focused on what i COULD do. having a place to vent when u're frustrated is key too, because we all need that outlet. as for motivation, this sounds so lame, but i would look at pix of athletes i admired or even of myself when i accomplished some kind of goal in the past. i'd look at those, have a stocked playlist for keeping cross training as 'fun' as possible and then remember that you WILL get better. just don't push it too fast. :) hmmm, not so good at avoiding an epic post, sorry. :/ stay strong and hang in there girl, u'll get better! :)

  2. YOU DO NOT NEED BOTOX....YOU ARE CRAZY GORGEOUS!! I am SO sorry about your knee. It really is crazy how you don't appreciate something until it is gone!! You can get through this. I just try to focus in on other areas of my life or hobbies (usually food ha). Email me anytime if you are feeling down!!!!

  3. Hahaha by far NOT the most pathetic post I've ever read...you are just frustrated because you are a lover of all things active and it SUCKS when you are held back! Hang in there, and just do your best to REST...listen to your body because the harder you push it, the longer you may struggle with the pain! Hang in there chica! I'll be following!