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Friday, 12 October 2012

Fashion Friday- Who Wore it Better?

Pin It One of my students told me that I looked like a walking Forever 21 advertisement the other day. Now, as someone who appreciates a good bargain (and someone who wishes she could actually look 21), I was thrilled with the comment. Though, as a self-proclaimed fashionista who has invested lots of money into clothing, jewelry, and footwear... I also felt a little insulted. Forever 21? Surely, you meant to say BCBG, Chanel, or Gucci, right? Dang.

It's one month until my 31st birthday, and this Fashion Friday post reminded me of when I was shopping for my party dress. Last year on my 30th birthday, I was on the hunt for a fabulous and glamourous dress to celebrate. What better way to ring in your 3rd decade than shoving yourself into a tight, too-short dress, wearing super high uncomfortable heels, three pounds of makeup, and drinking yourself into oblivion? Sounds like my kind of birthday.

I searched high and low for a ridiculous dress- I went to three malls and checked out my staple stores- Zara, H&M, the Bay, Mendocino- I found nothing. A few days before my big day, I went to the Eaton Centre and  snuck into Forever 21 with my hoodie up and my sunglasses on. I have nothing against Forever 21, by the way... but because I teach high school students, I would like to separate myself slightly. It also never fails that I run into my students when I'm trying on slutty clothes in the changeroom, and I get embarrassed.

Actually, they get embarrassed and usually run in the opposite direction. I dig that.

Surrounded by teens and tweens, I marched my 30-year-old saggy ass into the store, waited in line for the 15-year old to let me into the changeroom, and found my dress. I sent a photo to a 21-year-old friend of mine who reassured me that I could pull it off. It was $29.99, asymmetrical, silver, and had a cut out in the stomach. Totally too young for me.

It was perfect.

Then, this happened.

Yes, this is 17-year-old Selena Gomez wearing the same dress.

So, even though I know the answer to this, who wore it better? And please, let my 30-year-old wisdom versus Selena's 17-year-old immaturity guide you in your answer.

 My vote: Me.