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I'm Katy! I'm a Phys Ed teacher, fitness and yoga instructor. I love fitness and fashion! Join me as I kick the crap out of you with my at-home HIIT workouts, and mostly make fun of myself.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Pin It Happy Halloween, peeps! Thinking about what to do with your pumpkin? Jack-o-lantern? Can't get to the gym because you're too busy eating excessive amounts of Halloween Candy?

That last one may only apply to me... but it still applies.

Grab any size pumpkin (the bigger the pumpkin, the harder this is! That's what she said.) and use it as your medicine ball!! Thanks to my sister, Emily for giving me the idea for this workout! The ideas are really endless when using the pumpkin- some even come with a handle- you could kettlebell with that sh*t! Just be aware of your valuables when swinging a big ass pumpkin in your house. And by "valuables", I mean the candy.

Happy Halloween, peeps!

What exercise would you suggest to do with a pumpkin? Keep it clean, people.