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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Buying the "Target Outfit"

Pin It I'm not often sappy, but I do need you all to know that my husband is THE most thoughtful, loving, wonderful man on the planet. It is almost annoying, actually. If he's had a long day and I ask him to pick up a few (read: 15) things from the grocery store, he happily does it. If I wanted to spend a month of our summer vacation with my family in a one-bedroom apartment, he would be thrilled. He often knows what I need before I even do. He has made me feel like a supermodel throughout my pregnancy. He watches the Bachelor and Keeping Up With The Kardashians with me, and understands my excessive need to know everything about celebrities.

And let me remind you, he is a clean freak. He does laundry, cleans the kitchen, washes dishes, cleans the floors- all without being asked- on top of doing pretty much everything to the house on the outside (mowing the lawn, raking leaves, etc.).

This weekend I heard the vacuum cleaner going in the basement. 

He was cleaning the ceiling. 

No lie. 

For my birthday a few weeks ago, he surprised me by booking a hotel downtown and taking me on a shopping spree at the Eaton Centre! He also booked reservations at 3 different restaurants (all within walking distance) for me to choose from. 

In short, he is my hero. It was great to be with my hubby and get some exercise- all while getting to shop! 

The idea for the shopping spree was for me to pick out whatever I wanted as my "target outfit" to look forward to after pregnancy. Carter knows I've been dying to shop but, of course, I haven't been able to as my waistline expands. Have you ever watched "The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp"? First of all, you need to in order to look at Tommy Europe alone.

Yes please. 
This Canadian-based show takes mostly women who are looking to lose those "last 10 pounds" that so many of us often bitch about. He takes the women shopping and buys an outfit at least one size smaller than they are. After a month of diet and exercise, they get into their target outfits and feel amazing! 

I love this idea, though I understand it might be some women's worst nightmare. On the show, it keeps people accountable, but it is also a TON of pressure. When my husband took me shopping for the target outfit, I shrieked with joy because it is totally up my alley. The pressure to get into an outfit WORKS for me as I feel absolutely zero pressure from anyone around me when it comes to exercise and diet- I hold myself accountable and know my limits. Small rewards are so important when you have a goal- from a new magazine to a pack of gum to a great shirt- my suggestion is to keep it non-food related. The important thing is to know what will work for YOU. 

The problem when shopping for a target outfit when you are 9 months pregnant and 30 pounds heavier, is that you can't envision what you will look like in the outfit, nor can you try anything on. If it's 5-10 pounds (or 5-10 inches) you'd like to lose, you can often try on the outfit and go from there. 30 pounds? Not so much. 

There were SO many beautiful clothes I wanted to buy- I'm obsessed with patterned cropped pants paired with flowy, light tops. Zara had three pairs of pants that I was drooling over. 

Now if only I could be 6 feet tall, too. 
I really, really wanted to buy a pair of these pants, but I just could not justify spending the money (alright, my husband's money) on something that I just couldn't foresee looking good.

So instead, we bought jewels. 

My new, beautiful bracelet!!! This goes really well with my staples- oversizes MK two-tone watch, and hair tie on my wrist. Never leave home without them. 

I adore this necklace. It's the perfect mix of over the top glam and a lil' bit of cheesiness. 

And chocolate. 

Hell. Yes. 
We went for an amazing dinner and crashed while watching a terrible Reese Witherspoon movie at the hotel. It was, hands down, the perfect birthday. I highly recommend that you all get your own Carter. 

What a man. 
Tell me what motivates you to keep up your diet and exercise routine when you hit your fitness goals- would a target outfit work for you? Small rewards? Be specific as I'd love to feature the suggestions in a future post! 

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