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Monday, 12 November 2012

Clean Eating Magazine Giveaway!

Pin It First things first- it's my birthday! And to celebrate, I want to give YOU a present.

I know some of you are thinking, "Your sarcasm and six pack abs are gift enough for me!" "The gift of you turning 31 but looking 15 is what I want for my birthday!" And to that, my friends, I thank you. My abs have never looked better as I currently sit at 9+ months pregnant. My birthday present to you comes from my favourite peeps at the Eat Clean Diet.

November is Beat Stress month at the Eat Clean Diet team! Here are EIGHT healthy ways to beat stress and keep sickness at bay:

1. Participate in your favourite physical activity.
2. Go to the drug store and buy your favourite shade of lipstick. Put it on. Smile. Then write profanity on your mirror using the lipstick. Snicker at your hilarity.
3. Have a bubble bath (after someone else cleans your bathroom for you).
4. Cook some clean eats!
5. Dance to your favourite music. The more embarrassing, the better.
6. Stick pins in your voodoo doll.
7. Read your favourite magazine.
8. Share with your friends your favourite healthy living blog, Fit In Heels (suggested by fans).

Two of my favourite ways to beat stress include reading magazines (Books? Too many words in them) and cooking up some clean eats. And, because I am now a year older and thus wiser, I have figured out a way for you to enjoy both.

One of you will WIN a year's subscription to Clean Eating Magazine!!!

If you're a fan of Eat Clean, then you will DIE over Clean Eating Magazine. Well, hopefully not, but you get my point. Every month you'll get new, ridiculous, clean recipes to try! Here are some photos to drool over:

Hells yes. 
Clean Eating Magazine came along after the success of Oxygen Magazine (your personal trainer) and the Eat Clean Diet (your nutritionist). It is jam packed with recipes!! Some of my favourites include their 5 Ingredient Recipes and What's For Dinner? Recipes. I discovered clean eating about 7 years ago, and it amazes me to continually see new and exciting recipes, especially perfect for the season.

One thing I really love about these recipes is that most of the time, you can cook once but eat twice (at least!) I love having leftovers. It makes it so easy to stay on track when your fridge is stocked with healthy eats!

Here's how to enter to win:

+1 Follow FiH on Google Friend Connect
+1 Follow FiH on Facebook and write your favourite way to #BeatStress on my wall (you can tag Clean Eating Magazine, too)!
+1 Follow FiH on Twitter and tweet @fit_in_heels, @cleaneatingmag and @eatcleandiet your favourite way to #BeatStress

In the meantime, please celebrate my birthday for me. This includes doing any of the following, all of which I can't do:
-Jumping up and down without peeing
-Enjoying a glass of wine... or two.
-Going for a run, doing HIIT, or Jumping Rope
-Tying your shoes without gasping for air or blowing out a rib

Good luck! Contest closes Sunday, November 18th.