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Monday, 5 November 2012

My Baby Shower!

Pin It Warning: when you see these photos, you will automatically wish you had better girlfriends. My ladies hosted an absolutely fabulous celebration for me a few weeks ago! I still cannot get over how thoughtful, hilarious, and perfectly "me" the party was.

I know what you're thinking. A baby shower? Hilarious? Well my ladies do it with class, sass, and booze (for everyone else). Don't worry, though- there was an entirely different kind of "bar" that I enjoyed more than I want to admit.

That's right. A candy bar. 
On top of the glorious candy bar, there were teeny tiny baby shoes spewed everywhere- plus some motherhood advice that I could very well have written myself.

How do you feel when someone throws you a party? I am THE most awkward woman alive when it comes to this. I usually ugly cry and then make weird shrieking noises when I see the little gestures all around. For example, when I came into the party, I was sweating profusely and tricked people into thinking that was my pregnancy glow.

Then, I saw this and my makeup went to sh*t.

The Rook is our little rookie :)
Other gestures?

Baby carriage deviled eggs. Ridiculous. 
Decor and takeaway "Son"flowers!!!
Celebrity baby name trivia... My sister and I were so good at this, it was actually embarrassing.
My favourite cupcakes... including mint chocolate! 
Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic punch... one guess as to which one was which. 
Fake champagne for the Mom to Be. Soon, my pet. Soon. 
I can't get over this day! It was perfection from all angles. I actually can't believe this was all for me and my lucky baby boy. Baby showers are usually boring as F, and had this been a Saturday night, it would have been a wild party.

The AMAZING women behind the party planning! I am so lucky... now pass me a cold one.
Some of my beautiful friends!

Moms and daughters... Height is sometimes genetic.

My baby daddy showed up, and I flirted with him. 
This was before my sister called me fat. We have a good relationship. 

These women have 6 month old children. Hot damn. 

My friends are so supportive. 
I can't thank these gorgeous women enough for making this day such a beautiful, memorable, and special day. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to baby proof my house and stock up on wine.