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Monday, 26 November 2012

Son of a BITCH!

Pin It 4 days until my due date, and I am so ready for this baby. Here's why:

1. The house is completely decorated for Christmas.

2. I am completely done my Christmas shopping.

3. I have wrapped all of my Christmas gifts.

4. I am uncomfortable as $#@!.

I can't tell you the difference from a week ago until today- sleeping is different, walking is different, eating is different- women weren't kidding when they said the last month will seem longer than the 8+ months put together.

This is upsetting to me for multiple reasons- I've been so active throughout this pregnancy! I wore heels just last weekend! I have energy! I've been sleeping well! When did I start waddling?

Every day, I have been giving myself a walking goal. One day, it was to Shopper's to get a fashion magazine (bad idea: look at all of these beautiful clothes I can't wear!) The next day, it was to Bulk Barn to get cranberries. The next, it was to No Frills to get chicken broth. The next, Shopper's to get myself some brightening concealer and a shotgun.

Alright, the gun is not true. But I can't tell you how much I feel like a huge slug. When I look in the mirror and see the bags under my eyes, I have to remind myself that I don't even have a newborn yet. Hence the brightening concealer. I've been trying to remain active by pumping my tunes (read: listening to Drake and trying to lip sync to the swear words) and walking. Crawling babies and elderly men with canes pass me.

I've been having contractions for weeks now, but short, quick ones. Apparently, this little boy has the same sense of humour as his Momma. "Haha, gotcha, Mom!" He also really enjoys kicking me really, really hard- enough that I've been known to scream out "Son of a BITCH!"

Then, I realize the irony.

Yesterday, I got home from my walk and felt like my uterus was going to fall out. It took me about an hour to walk 2 km and I was feeling sorry for myself- I longed for the days when I could jump rope without wondering if my internal organs would wind up on the floor beneath me.

Overall, I am so excited to be a Mom. I have had an excellent pregnancy. But Holy God, I am so ready to not be pregnant anymore.

Son of a bitch, I just got kicked again.


  1. Ha! Sorry hon. Your little Christmas gift will be here before you know it. :)

  2. LOL! It will be over soon and you will be sitting around looking fabulous with a newborn by Christmas.

  3. I feel your pain!!! No matter how much you DONT want to complain, that last month, the last week.. its HELL.. UDDER HELL. I want to 41 1/2 weeks! My kid just didnt want to come the hell out! It was agony. I remember the pain, the uncomfortablness of it just like it was yesterday!
    Its amazing tho... its like as soon as you get out of the hospital, you feel NORMAL! I missed that 'normal' feeling so much when I was pregnant!
    Hope he comes soon for you and TIME FLIES!

  4. Im still soo so so excited for you :-)
    kicking and all.


  5. First of all, pretty pretty pretty new layout. I love the exposure/sun dots in the background and your gorgeous face in the header never hurts ;)

    Secondly, you're a totally Regina George - so you're right.