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Friday, 22 February 2013

Healthy, Sexy Fats with the Eat Clean Diet Team!

Pin It As an Eat Clean Diet Ambassador, I have many roles.

1. I eat clean.

2. I work out.

3. I write about eating clean and working out.

... Well, I guess that's it.

Many people still believe that eating clean involves nibbling on styrofoam and pecking at bird seed. My job is to help debunk myths and show people that it's all about eating like a @%#!ing champion- a hungry champion.

Each month, the Eat Clean Diet team has a different theme to help people adopt the lifestyle. This month, it's all about healthy fats! And no, I don't mean the healthy layer(s) of fat that I am currently holding onto after having a child. Healthy fats are essential for brain function, heart health, and can even boost your metabolism (read: help you LOSE fat!)! How? By it's satiating ability! They also avoid a glycemic spike.

I wish this was one meal.
Every day, as part of a clean nutrition plan, you should aim to have 2-3 servings of healthy fats. Some of my FAVOURITE healthy fats include salmon, avocado, olive oil, and walnuts. These servings should be approximately the size of a thumb. Lucky for me, I happen to have exceptionally large thumbs.

Here are some ways I've been getting in my healthy fats, yo.

Pickled pepper beet and greens salad with walnuts

Slow cooked chicken fajitas with 4-ingredient guacamole

Pesto salmon with roasted sweet potatoes and fake sunlight

Apple with 1 tbsp natural peanut butter

The Soup-er Cleanse and a hand model

Roasted chicken salad with avocado and black beans

Roasted veggies with cold-pressed olive oil
Milk chocolate Toblerone with almond nougat... Shit.  

Tosca Reno has put together this Healthy Fats shopping list for you to get healthy and non-fat!

To learn more about #healthyfats, and to enter to win a healthy fats Starter Kit from Raw Elements, check out the Eat Clean Diet community page!

What's YOUR favourite healthy fat? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #healthyfats! 


  1. LOVE THIS! Although, I had no idea that my services were to be the size of my thumb. Is that contributing to my pet ponch? Damn it.

  2. How did you become an Eat Clean Ambassador?

  3. Oh I like that list! I may have to steal it!!!

  4. Love it! I must have that pesto salmon!!! Yum!

  5. favorite healthy fat is coconut oil and avocado :)

  6. Any reason why sunflower oil is listed? With it's high oxidation potential, massively high in PUFAs with no Omega-3 to balance out or derive any benefit from ingesting it?