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Friday, 1 February 2013

Low-Impact BABE Workout

Pin It My last post talked about dealing with sore joints post-baby, where I made many references to marijuana. If you know me, you know I'm not into drugs. I much prefer the comforts of alcohol.

Due to my joint discomfort (why do I still want to continue making jokes? I'll stop, after I eat these weed brownies), I've been on hiatus from most high impact exercise. I still do a few jumping exercises in my exercise classes, but I haven't been running at all which I think is making a huge difference in my pain, and my waistline.

Here's a 10-exercise regimen that I've been repeating 3 times, for a great workout that I can do when the babe is sleeping: this takes less than 25 minutes.

I call it the BABE Workout because I want to be a Hot Babe, and I do it while my Babe naps. Genius.

(Superwomans: On your hands and knees, extend your opposite arm and leg).

For the exercises that need equipment, use what you have. If you have dumbbells, you can use that for your KettleBell (KB) Swings. If you have a KB, use that for your bicep curls (both hands on the handle) and tricep extensions (both hands on the bell). If you have a medicine ball, use that.

Now go forth and be a hot babe. Or come babysit mine.

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  1. Repeat each exercise 3 times, or the go through the list once then repeat?