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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tabata Tuesday #2

Pin It Happy Tabata Tuesday! This workout will help you this Valentine's Day- whether you're going out for a swanky dinner and will be indulging in the chocolate covered strawberries (that's my idea of a healthy meal) or whether you need some help in the... um... stamina department, you will all have time to complete this workout! 4 exercises, 20 minutes. Done.

TABATA TRAINING = 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest... times 8!  
Give yourself one minute of rest in between each tabata!

*Remember in Tabata training, you are working at your MAX for the entire exercise period. So work hard, fast, and be effective! That's what she said.

EXERCISE 1: 4 Lunges + 4 Jump Lunges (20s work/10s rest x8)
Complete four back lunges, and then move to four jumping lunges (also known as split squats). Make sure your knee stays in line with the ankle.
MODIFICATION: Do not jump!

EXERCISE 2: One and a half Push Ups (20s work/10s rest x8)
In this exercise, you will complete the bottom half of a push up, come halfway up, complete the bottom half again, and then back to starting position!
MODIFICATION: Complete the exercise on your knees.

EXERCISE 3: Moving Forearm to Hand Plank (20s work/10s rest x8)
This is a tough one! Move from a forearm plank (elbows under the shoulders) to a hand plank (hands under the shoulders), and repeat!
MODIFICATION: Complete the exercise on your knees!

EXERCISE 4: Cardio Kicks (20s work/10s rest x8)
This exercise is harder than it looks!! Balance on one leg, holding the other in the air. Jump to switch feet and extend your knee to kick out in front of you. Jump again and switch to the other leg.
REMEMBER: You want to jump DIRECTLY into the exercise on the other foot without waiting.
MODIFICATION: Do not jump!

Make sure to complete a dynamic warm up before the workout and cool down when finished!

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