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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tabata Tuesday #3!

Pin It It's that time again! The day after Monday- hope you all had a wonderful long weekend with your families. I was able to get in some cray cray workouts this weekend, including testing out this bad boy.

Tabata Tuesday- 4 moves, 20 minutes. Each tabata is 8 rounds- 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest!

Be sure to complete a dynamic warm up and cool down before and after doing this workout. And by "dynamic cool down", I mean lying half dead on your mat. Or at least that's what I did.

1. One arm jacks
This move is a jumping jack with one arm- jump your feet out and in while alternating arms, as fast as you can!
MODIFICATION: Take out the jump!

2. Plank twists
Begin in plank position. Without moving your feet, Rotate into side plank so your right hand is on the ground and your left hand is to the ceiling. Lift your left foot as high as you can, touching your left hand to your left foot. Return to front plank position and rotate to the other side.
MODIFICATION: Drop to your knees.
ADVANCED MOVE: Complete four touches before moving to the other side.

3. Double lunge double squat
This mofo is HARD. I'm fairly certain my legs nearly gave out on more than one occasion. Begin in a split leg position. Complete two jumping lunges, and jump directly into two jumping squats. Repeat! (If you are lacking space, you do not have to jump laterally with your squats).
MODIFICATION: Complete two jumping lunges and two side squats (no jumping). Repeat.

4. Tricep cat
Begin with your hands under your shoulders, and one knee on the ground below your hip. The other leg is extended directly behind you. Bring your knee to your chest, pulling your abs tight, and extend your leg back. Complete one tricep push up. Repeat. (Switch legs every tabata).
ADVANCED MOVE: Complete this on your toes!

BONUS: If you have time, complete a tabata of wide legged squats (advanced move: add a small jump!)!

Send me a shout out on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #tabatatuesday if you want to share how your workout went!! Good luck :)


  1. I LOVE Tababtas!!!! thank you for sharing xoxox

  2. Oooh never did the tricep cat before, and I am def going to do those ADVANCED plank twists in my class tomorrow!

  3. tababta workout looks great!!! we love doing anything plank related - so love those plank twists :)