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Thursday, 21 February 2013

VitaminWater ZERO Giveaway!

Pin It When I was in university, Thursdays were always a big night of the week to go out. We'd call them Thirsty Thursdays. I would sleep through my alarm get up early to go to my classes, whip up some Kraft Dinner at 4pm make a healthy lunch and dinner, hit up the gym (okay, I would actually do that), get ready to go out while listening to Faith Hill and Tim McGraw chart-topping hits of the early 2000s, and down shots of straight vodka casually sip a vintage Chardonnay before hitting up the bar, wasted sober.

While Thirsty Thursdays have changed (drinking water, breastfeeding, and going to bed at 10pm is so sexy), my spirit has not. While I generally stick to water (and wine) when it comes to beverages of choice, I got excited to get a treat in the mail the other week!

The peeps at VitaminWater Canada sent me a sample pack of new VitaminWater ZERO to try- including flavours like "resilient-C" (grape raspberry), "go go" (mixed berry) and "xoxox" (acai-blueberry-pomegranate)!

Not to mention a tote bag with the words I'm sure my husband would like to say to me every time I demolish a bag of Mini Eggs. 
VitaminWater ZERO is a calorie-free version of the original line of VitaminWater drinks. It is sweetened with Stevia and erythritol (as opposed to sugar in the original version, and artificial sweeteners in other drinks), and it tastes great!! This was a nice treat in my daily quest to drink a gallon of water. God, I am so freaking boring.

While water is always your best bet for hydration, VitaminWater ZERO is a fun substitute that is also waistline-friendly! And they are going to share with YOU! Now if only Cadbury would come out with a zero calorie version of Mini Eggs, we would all win.

Here's how to enter to win two mixed cases (6 each) of VitaminWater ZERO, a reusable tote bag, and a fun VitaminWater t-shirt!

Ya. We did. 

To win, enter one of two ways:

1. Click on the Twitter "share" button found at the end of this post (copy @vitaminwater_ca and @fit_in_heels), and use the hashtag #stayhydrated for your entry!

2. Click on the Facebook "share" button found at the end of this post (tag Fit In Heels) and use the hashtag #stayhydrated for your entry!

Winner will be chosen Monday, February 25th. May Thirsty Thursdays live on!

*This contest is open to Canadian residents only!*


  1. Great giveaway! Entering now!
    Cheers, Tara :)

  2. I tweeted. Thanks. Love the lemonade one.

  3. Awesome giveaway girlie! I got some sent to me as well, so I will refrain from entering and let a newbie to the drink win (cuz I would have won, obviously..). Cant wait to see you in a couple weeks! :)

  4. I tweeted https://twitter.com/fokxxy/status/304772025610817538

  5. and I shared on fb. https://www.facebook.com/summer.plewes/posts/512297715489283

  6. https://twitter.com/toocutebows/status/304776966685470721 tweeted,
    email is toocutebowsandaccessories(at)hotmail.com

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  8. https://twitter.com/erika_rowe/status/304794856864247809

  9. tweeted !

  10. Replies
    1. Hi Sydney! The winner was announced on Facebook and Twitter- it was Tara Gusmanis! Thank you for entering!

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    1. Hi Erika! The winner was announced on Facebook and Twitter- it was Tara Gusmanis! Thank you for entering!