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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Lose Weight and WIN MONEY with me!

Pin It I have baby weight to lose.

I'm not going to lie, I assumed that I'd be back to normal by this time (my baby is 4 months old), which sounds ridiculous when I read back that fact. 4 months. But really, I didn't gain a ton of weight (32 pounds), and I assumed that the first 15 would come off by pushing the watermelon out of my hoo-ha (or at least that's how it felt) and the remainder would easily fall off through a combination of sneezing, laughing, and drinking wine. 

Apparently, that isn't how it works. 

I was in need of an ass-kick, so I joined DietBet in February. Fitfluential was hosting it and I thought it was a great concept: 

-Sign up by putting money into the pot. 
-Lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. 
-Whoever hits their 4% weight loss goal splits the pot. 

Ch-ch-ch-check it out:

Read: You WIN MONEY for losing weight!!! Woooo!!! 

I signed up for $25 and met my goal (I had to lose 6.4 lbs in one month- well in the range of 1-2 lbs. a week, deemed healthy weight loss) and I walked away with $45 in my pocket! So I bought myself a $100 pair of pants. Totally makes sense. 

I found it to be extremely effective as it held me ACCOUNTABLE. It was a great community where people shared weight loss and exercise tips, so much so that I am now hosting my own game, and would love you to join me! It starts April 21st... more than enough time for me to buy discount Mini Eggs give away all my Easter Candy.

The more people that sign up, the better the pot gets! It's proven that losing weight in numbers is more effective than losing weight alone and that working out with friends leads to more success than working out alone! I also love that it isn't a winner-take-all weight loss challenge. Everyone who meets their goal, wins! And you can treat yourself when you win. Or, you can send your winnings to me.

Everything is confidential (or you have the option to not have it confidential, if you think it would help you be more accountable). I've been eating way too much Easter Candy, and it's about that time that I really dig deep and get on this last 10 (read: 15) pounds before my child goes off to college. 

Let's DO THIS! Join in and invite your friends, your friend's friends, and people that you don't like. The more people, the bigger the pot!!! Fit In Heels' DietBet starts April 21st!! 

Read the full set of rules here

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