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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Do YOU yoga?

Pin It Many people are surprised to hear that I'm a yoga teacher.

Wait, what? But you're a sarcastic, creepy, blonde bimbo who drinks wine, eats chocolate to excess, and swears way, way, way too much. You can't have any real educational background. 

I feel you, peeps. And while all of the above is true, I am a real yoga teacher. I even have clients! And photos as proof!

This is actually me. 

This was right before that huge wave took me under.

I'd like to think of myself as a fitness jack-off... Shoot, wait.. jack-OF-all-trades: on a weekly basis, I may do any number of workouts consisting of HIIT (high intensity interval training), cycling, running, strength training, and yoga. It has had a profound impact on my body, my training, and overall, my life- it is a type of training that I highly recommend to anyone at any age.

My favourite type of yoga to practice and to teach is Power Vinyasa Yoga (flowing from one pose to the next intermixed with lots of strength moves). It's amazingly empowering, and helps my body stay strong and flexible (flexibility being a component of strength). At the beginning of the class, we usually set an intention- it could be patience (with yourself, your family, dumb people at the supermarket), staying non-judgemental (with yourself, your family, dumb people at the supermarket... uh, not that I'm judging), or it could be specific like unleashing your fears, making a transition in your life, or choosing to be happy.

Pretty heavy stuff. This is why yoga is so cool. It helps you in ways you don't even realize. At the end of the class, during Savasana (basically where you get to play dead for 5-10 minutes, usually listen to some plinkity-plunkity music, somewhat hear what the teacher is saying, and try not to fall asleep), we think about our intention that we set at the beginning of the class. The circle of life.

So there's a reason I've been talking about yoga and intentions- I connected with a Canadian company I want you all to know about called Tiny Devotions! They keep this idea in mind of setting intentions not only in your yoga class, but EVERY DAY! Tiny Devotions makes beautiful malas (prayer beads that are gorgeous as everyday jewelry) that each have different meanings to inspire you to set a daily intention, and be more aware of your mind and body.

My beauty friend Laura Bridgman first introduced me to Tiny Devotions. She even sent me this gorgeous amethyst stack bracelet from them... so I channelled my inner boho yogi and took this selfie.

This literally took 50 takes. 
There are so many beautiful mala necklaces that I love... here are a few I'm coveting:

Serendipity Mala (friendship, spontaneity, abundance, luck)

Mama Mala (motherhood, maternal instincts)
(I am a sucker for all things Mom. My kid will smear some mud on a paper one day and I will cry over the sentimentality)

Katie Brauer: Mala of Truth (confidence, strength)
They have gorgeous bracelets, scarves, even wall art- it's a great gift idea for the yogi in your life! Check them out.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to Savasana. Without the yoga class.

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  1. Did you know that I'm also a certified yoga teacher, but actually have no desire to teach? I thought I did, but after finishing teacher training, I realized that yoga was "my time" and LOVE it for the both the physical and emotional benefits. I would love to stack Tiny Devotion bracelets all the way up my arm. ;)