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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Let's talk about BOOBS.

Pin It I'm writing this post because yesterday, after Stroller HIIT, I was having coffee with some wonderfully smart, beautiful, hilarious Moms who all have a sense of humour, put health as a priority, and run their households like badass mofos.

Speaking of bad asses, we started talking about our bodies.

You read that right.

And we started out pretty good. We talked about what a fit group of women we had. We talked about how strong we had become. How many push ups we just did. How our legs were sore already from squatting. How we threw down a 12km run in record time. How we pushed a human out of our vajayjays and lived to tell about it.

Then we started talking about physical appearances. Some of us wanted to be leaner. Some wished they didn't have stretch marks or cellulite. Some wanted abs. And some girls wanted breast implants.
Just us hanging out hitting the weights. No biggie.
Source: Sisters in Shape
I totally relate to this. Being a fitness and yoga instructor and Phys Ed teacher myself, I will tell you it is HARD to be in the fitness industry sometimes. I'm surrounded by people that have beautiful, tanned skin, muscles in places I didn't know existed, white veneers that could blind me, willpower the size of my appetite for chocolate, and more silicone than I know what to do with. Open any fitness magazine and you will see gorgeous women who are ripped from head to toe, with nice, perky boobs. And I'll admit it: I like it. I like to look at them. I like that they are strong AND sexy, but I also know that strong and sexy can be a female Crossfitter, or an Olympic heptathlete, or that chick down the street who goes for runs on the weekends. I do worry that women and girls will strive for an ideal that is literally impossible to do on their own- as it physically requires surgery. 

Let me reiterate. We want, like, zero fat on all other parts of our body, but we are supposed to have giant funbags for boobs? How is that normal, or fair? Fair would be if the extra love in my lovehandles were considered sexy. Or if the stretched skin on my stomach was considered a badge of honour. Or if men felt the same need to make, ahem, one of THEIR body parts bigger. 

Are implants like like putting makeup on, getting eyelash extensions or fake nails? Is it like straightening your teeth? Is it a fair reward for working so hard and having low body fat? Is it a gift to women who want to feel more "womanly"? Do women like looking at that ideal, or would they prefer the real thing? I can't answer these questions. What I do know is that I've had braces, I've had my teeth whitened, I've had laser eye surgery, and I feel damn good when I have my makeup on and my hair did. That being said, I think it is sad that women of all shapes, sizes, and cups aren't celebrated in the fitness world.

Two months ago, I was asked to contribute to Gorgo Women's Fitness Magazine- a dream come true. Erica and Val, two women I believe in wholeheartedly, asked me to join them at a photo shoot. I would get photos done for the column I would be writing for them (Think Carrie Bradshaw, but fitness. Without the designer shoes. Or NYC apartment. Or millions of dollars. Or the size zero. Or smoking addiction.).

And I was terrified. The shoot was less than three weeks away, and I literally got the email as I was getting ready for a wedding: eating Mini Eggs, and downing multiple a glass of champagne. I know the "fitness look"- jacked from head to toe, huge boobs- and it's not me. I have small boobs, wide hips, and I certainly enjoy my indulgences in life. Fitness is not universal- there are MANY ways to be fit- yet people want to idolize the girl who looks hot in a bikini, even if the girl in the full piece wetsuit can kick the crap out of her. I don't have a six pack, but I know my core is my strongest asset. I wouldn't wear micro shorts to save my life, but I know I can outrun a whole hell of a lot of people. I don't have Michelle Obama arms, but I can push up and push up and push up like a mofo. And I don't make excuses for myself, but I also just had a baby. It was, to say the least, terrifying.

Most of the photos that were taken at the shoot were of the real models with sports bras and short shorts. And they looked amazing. But I was glad (read: scared shitless) to be given a chance to be "me"- a real woman with a pear shape who eats chocolate and drinks wine, and kicks ass in the gym. I even did a shoot with a workout I created. It was inspiring, empowering, and hopefully- the way of the future.

Source: Gorgo

A few things: 1. My thighs touch when I'm not posing. 2. I don't have abs unless I flex.
3. My boobs are non-existent. 4. I AM FIT.
Personally, I am not for, nor against breast implants. One of the girls at coffee said something that really resonated with me: "Wouldn't it be great if we could celebrate the Moms who got their bodies back, but with saggy boobs and stretched out tummies? Now THAT shows hard work." I couldn't agree more.

If I was self conscious about my boobs, or if my body resembled that of a Grecian goddess or a fitness model, then perhaps I would consider implants. I just feel like they would get in the way of hoisting my wine glass. That, and I just couldn't possibly handle getting more attention than I already do. I do have like, three whole fans, you know.

What do YOU think of breast implants in the fitness world?


  1. I just can't see getting implants. I can't judge those who do, but for me I'd rather have my smaller but real boobs.

  2. I understand why some get them. They have this fit body and everything is better than they have ever been and then they look at their boobs and they are not better than they have ever been. It's sad how little the boobs get with low body fat. My friends and I were just talking about this the night as well. I tossed out the thought of implants and honestly, I probably never would. BUT I understand why women do.

  3. I think they just get in the way! I don't know why anyone who works out a lot would want to make their boobs bigger. It is so hard to find a good supportive sports bra!

  4. So not for me, seems a waste to just have to strap them down under a sports bra all the time anyways. But to each their own. Besides if I'm going to paraphrase my boyfriend...."just keep doing squats".... and you'll have a butt that will more than make up for the boobs! Loved this post by the way! This is a topic that often doesn't get much air time in the fitness blog-world.

  5. 1. you look and are amazing
    2. to each their own. I think that most people think of the consequences of implants before going under the knife. If the benefits well outweigh the risk and the person feel more natural and complete with them, then who am I to say they should not be allowed.

  6. This is definitely an interesting blog post since I literally just bared my soul to the world about my journey with breast augmentation. For me it didnt have to do with having a perfect bod and needing perfect boobs. Far from it. I have love handles and cellulite on my ass, but I never developed breast tissue that matched my body. I didnt get breast implants to make my boobs bigger, im still smaller than the average person.. I got them to help the shape of my breasts because I constantly looked like I had lost a ton of weight and they were just hanging there all gross and saggy. I was skeptical before I got it done but its changed my life and I love it. Whos to judge what makes another woman feel womanly?? If you had a massive snaggle tooth, woukd you celebrate that you were blessed with this unique tooth? Or would you get it fixed? I guess its whatever makes you happiest :)

  7. I understand it for the shape, but as a runner, I wouldn't want the size so much. I absolutely LOVE this post, it has been something I have been thinking a lot about lately and you have made some great points. Thanks! P.S. You are hot to trot (in a non-gay, coming from another fit Mum type of way). I would be stoked to look as good as you!

  8. Great post. I always said I would never get implants. Especially when I had HUGE nursing boobs, I hated them and wondered how girls could have such giant, hard, knockers on purpose. However, now that these bags aren't full of milk, I wish they were a bit perkier. I'm more into natural beauty and I wish that more than anything was celebrated now. Kudos to those that choose personal enhancements, but even more kudos to those that can look amazing without it.

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  10. *deleted the original because my terrible grammar was atrocious!

    To each their own. I would never judge anyone who made the decision to proceed with plastic surgery no more than I would judge people who made the decision against it. Everyone has their own reasons for it, reasons I am not privy to nor would I expect to be. Who am I to say what others should do with their bodies?

    Congrats on the contribution!

  11. This is a great post. I think there is such an "ideal" body type for women that is prescribed by some man somewhere, and it's just not fair. Plus this new pressure to have babies and be able to bounce a penny off your abs a month later is just ridiculous, and truly sad. Fitness comes in so many beautiful shapes and sizes. And as mother, if your "excuse" is that you are tired and overwhelmed, then so be it! Relax, rest and look after yourself.

  12. I think every woman should strive to be her best. After this baby is born, it will be my 4th c-section and things aren't pretty down that way anymore and they never will be...I'm ok with that.

  13. You are amazing and you look amazing! great article and very relate-able, I like my small boobs and my hips and my thighs that oh my goodness.. touch! I am too fit, healthy and happy!

    Thanks for making me appreciate what Ive got! :)

  14. I work out alot, lost over 35 pounds in the past two years, and I'm scheduled to get my boobs in February. Why? Because I don't want to wear this bullet proof VS bra anymore. Because I want to be able to go braless and not have to hoist my pancakes over my shoulder. Why else? I want to have the one thing changed that I can't do with diet or exercise. So if you want it, do it, if you don't then don't. One isn't better than the other. If these things get in the way when I'm working out well then I guess I'm getting exactly what I paid for.

    You look amazing by the way.

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  17. This was the first article of your I read and I will be reading more. Refreshing!

  18. Getting implants sometimes has nothing to do with wanting big boobs, getting attention or even having low body fat. I got mine done after breastfeeding 2 kids and simply wanted them back the size they were before i had kids! The people who meet me now don't even know I have them. There are also women like Jamie Eason who has to get them due to health complications and breastfeeding cancer. Hers also aren't overtly big and fit her tiny frame well.

  19. Getting implants sometimes has nothing to do with wanting big boobs, getting attention or even having low body fat. I got mine done after breastfeeding 2 kids and simply wanted them back the size they were before i had kids! The people who meet me now don't even know I have them. There are also women like Jamie Eason who has to get them due to health complications and breastfeeding cancer. Hers also aren't overtly big and fit her tiny frame well.

  20. I really enjoyed this post. I work in the fitness industry and I, like you, may not look the thinnest or have the biggest biceps, but I know I'm strong and work hard at it every day. I used to want implants, but after being in this industry, and living in South Florida, I see them literally everywhere and I guess I've come to not really like the way they look or don't want to be like everyone else. Congrats on magazine contribution!

  21. I birthed and breast fed 4 children. Which means for me I had 4 different little people sucking on my ever deflating and engorging breasts for a combined total of at least 6 years. That kind of use can kick the crap out of a set of boobies. I have worked hard to be mostly in shape but my non engorged breast annoyed the crap out of me every day. My husband bought me implants as a gift for feeding his children off my body and sacrificing. Best gift he has ever gotten me and most expensive I might add as well we are a one income family and it is a small income at that. Let me tell you. WORTH IT! I feel so much sexier for him and more at ease and comfortable in any position...lol. Makes me happy everyday.

  22. Want to add.... I didn't get ginormous titties. I just got them biff enough to fill out my stretched skin from the breast feeding. ( not that ginormous is bad, if that's what makes you feel good about yourself)

  23. * big. Lol. What is biff? - big and buff combined. I kinda like that :)