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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Writing for WhatToExpect.com- The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Working Out After Baby

Pin It A few months ago, I was asked by WhatToExpect.com to be a "Word of Mom" guest writer! I know what you're thinking:

1. "I don't remember you from 16 and Pregnant."
2. "So THAT'S why your undereye bags have grown exponentially."
3. "I wouldn't take advice from you if my life depended on it."

I agree with all of the above, and I'm happy you feel the same. I was shocked and excited to be part of this community, especially because WhatToExpect.com says that Word of Mom is a "platform dedicated to honest, engaged, informed, intelligent, and open conversation about pregnancy and parenting".

At least mine fits into the "honest" category.

My piece is titled, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Working Out After Baby! I decided to write about this topic because there were so many things that I was unprepared for when it came to working out after baby. Being a fit pregnant woman, I thought it would be a piece of cake to get back at it after my baby boy came.

Read it if you'd like a good laugh... though if you are a new Mom, be sure you don't pee yourself.

If you like it, please press the Facebook or Twitter share button within the article! This way they may let me write for them in the future where I can demand millions of dollars and I will happily share with all of you. 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Baby Weight- Win a copy of this prenatal and postpartum book!

Pin It Baby Weight- the complete guide to Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness is a book that I received in December, shortly after giving birth to my baby boy, Colton. Micky Morrison, the author, is a licensed physical therapist with over 15 years of experience in women's health and pediatrics.

I totally look like this after baby.
Also, my baby never drools or barfs in my face.

I am very impressed with this book- especially if you are knowledgeable about fitness, or if you are a trainer or fitness instructor yourself- as Morrison details many exercises for both prenatal women and postpartum Mommies in addition to information about diet. There are MANY types of exercises that are both NOT good, and VERY good for a woman who is expecting or has just recently had a baby! This book details hundreds of different types of exercises that you can do right at home- some of them interacting with baby. I found this extremely beneficial to both me and my baby boy- you can get your body back without leaving your baby behind!

Morrison has been generous to offer one of my readers a chance to own this book as well. It makes for a wonderful addition to your baby book library, and makes for great reading when you're finally able to enjoy a glass of wine :)

As a bonus for Mommas who like to have a video to follow, Morrison is in the process of putting together Baby Weight TV with some of her CoreMama exercises to follow by video- stay tuned for an opportunity to win a six month subscription.

To win this book, please head over to the Baby Weight Facebook page, and let Micky know that I sent you, and why you'd like to give this book a try! Winner will be announced on Sunday on my Facebook page. Good luck!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tabata Tuesday #6- Spring Break Edition!

Pin It Happy Spring Break, peeps! I say happy spring break like it means anything to me this year. I didn't even remember it was Tuesday today (being off on maternity leave will do that to you). In any case, I hope you get to hang out with your friends, drink lots of wine, and enjoy life this week! I stayed up until 1:30am last night and want to kill myself today. Parenthood rocks.

The last thing you want to do on Spring Break is read this blog work out, so this Tabata Tuesday will still take you only 20 minutes, but this time it's no F'ing around. These moves are standard, and if you ever need a quick workout that you don't need to think much about, here it is.

Make sure you complete a warm up and cool down when completing this. And by "cool down", I mean blasting Cher  Ace of Base  That weird song that says "Barbra Streisand" over and over  a really cool, recent hit song and dancing in an appropriate manner.

Remember that Tabata workouts include completing one move 8 times in a row, each time for 20 seconds with a 10 second break in between. Give yourself 1 minute in between each Tabata (exercise x8).

1. Push Ups
Toes or knees. Bam.

2. Wide Jumping Squat
Feet wide, toes turned out 45 degrees. Squat down and jump about 2 inches off the floor, and fall directly back into a squat.

3. Bicycle Sit Up 
Starting on your back, crunch your right armpit to your opposite knee. Repeat with other side. (I say armpit instead of elbow to guarantee a good crunch!)

4. Mountain Climbers
Begin in a plank position. Bring your foot as close to between your hands as possible, and alternate as quickly as you can. Try to keep your butt down and in a plank position.

Happy Spring Break! Have a glass of wine for me- or, I'll have one for you. Share your workout by using the hashtag #tabatatuesday!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tabata Tuesday #5- Burn MEGA calories at home in no time!

Pin It Tabata Tuesday #5 is here! I can't believe it's Tuesday already. I say that because I haven't looked at a calendar (or a mirror... thank God) in three months.

Here are 4 moves you can do at home that will SHRED your body in no time, baby! Well, okay. It isn't exactly no time, but you get my drift. This will take you 20 minutes. Be sure to include a warm up and cool down! And by "cool down", I mean running through the house and sticking your head under a sink with cold water running. Or at least that's what I did.

Each Tabata = 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest... x8!

1. Burpee Run
Complete 4 high knees to your right and jump back into a burpee (plank position). Jump your feet back to your hands and complete 4 high knees to your left. Repeat!

2. Wide Legged Side-to-Side Squats
Begin in a wide squat, toes pointed 45 degrees. Start leaning side to side and stopping for a second every third time. The LOWER you are, the BETTER!

3. Plank Twists
Begin in a plank position, hands under the shoulders. Move your right hand to your left hip while STILL in your plank position (this is the challenging part!). Then turn your entire body to the left into a side plank. Return to centre and repeat other side.

4. Tricep Dips
Two options shown here. Find a couch, coffee table, or set of stairs and take a seat. Hands under the shoulders, lift your bottom up with your knees bent, feet on the floor, Bend your ELBOWS (not your hips) so that they point behind you. Push yourself back to starting position by straightening your arms.
CHALLENGE: Stack your feet on top of each other and keep your legs straight!

*Be sure to keep your shoulders away from your ears to avoid injury. In other words, do not shrug!

Good luck and don't forget to let me know how you did by tweeting or instagramming me at @fit_in_heels using the hashtag #tabatatuesday!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Babies are the new Black.

Pin It Phew!!!! Yesterday was the Power of Movement, Canada's largest yoga fundraiser! This is my second year being an ambassador for this wonderful organization, and this year, I was able to bring a little friend!

My little buddha. 
This child made me the most popular woman in the room. And by "most popular", I mean no one gave a crap about me as they ooed and awed over my 3-month old baby. We (read: Colton) made it into two newspapers this morning!

Is he alive?
My son has never been more terrified than at this moment. 

Like I need extra weight in my hips. 
The day was a huge success, thanks in part to some very hard working people- one being deserving of a shout out! Emily is the National Event Manager and whips this sucker in to shape like it's nobody's business. This year she was busy being a participant with her beautiful new baby girl Audrey!

There she is, showing off baby Audrey! 7 weeks old and she is a freaking yoga champion. Bitch. 

The event funds research for the Arthritis Research Foundation- and it was a great way to raise awareness of Arthritis and Autoimmune Diseases that so many Canadians suffer with every day. Yoga is the perfect form of movement for this event, as it is one of the most inclusive forms of exercise, with many modifications available. I personally deal with chronic shoulder pain and attribute yoga to keeping my sense of mobility.

Is my son there? I can barely see over my huge rack. 

Why there weren't more men here... I'm not sure. 

This hurt like a mofo.

It was so great to be with hundreds of others who sun saluted, warriored, and downward dogged for a good cause. We were team Hot Yogis (I wanted to call our team the "Yogasms"... but I got denied. I wonder why), which included lovely ladies Michelle from Push.Pump.Progress, Sarah from My (Mostly) Healthy Life, and Krysten from The Misadventures of a Darwinian Fail!

Audrey, get your head in the game.
Yes, I'm eating a brownie. Even though it was made of chickpeas and dates, it had chocolate in it. Enough said. 
Yoga, amazing women, babies, brownies, and raising money for a good cause. Overall the perfect day.