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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Losing the F-ing Baby Weight, and Healthy Summertime Indulging

Pin It Let me premise this post by saying that I love food. I love good food. I love junk food. I love to eat. I love to feel full. I especially love chocolate. Basically, I'm a cow.

I had good intentions to cook a massive slow cooked meal, like chili or fajitas or something healthy, when we moved a few weeks ago. But, I gave up on that idea when I realized my crock pot was packed. In fact, I still can't find it.

I totally understand how people get super caught up and forget to eat well and exercise during the before-and-after stages of a move. Thankfully, people pay me money to kick the crap out of them, so I'm obligated to work out hard, at all times, so exercise was the easy part. Unfortunately, eating is about 70-80% of the game.

I actually feel really good about my fitness level... I feel like I am BACK, baby. I am back to HIITing it like a bad ass mofo. I'm back to running. I am beginning to train for my first duathlon.

What I don't feel is back? My body. I've talked to a lot of new Moms who say they are back to pre-pregnancy weight, but not pre-pregnancy shape. Have any of you experienced this? You're at the weight, but things still don't fit right?

I'm feeling a bit of the opposite- I haven't hit my weight goal, but I feel like my SHAPE has come back (it's just overall bigger than before). My pre-pregnancy weight (I was 133lbs before and I'm hovering at the 140 mark... son of a) feels like it has been WAY harder to reach than I anticipated. I swear, the more time passes, the worse I think I look! Maybe I was drunk on the hormones (or literally drunk), but I felt pretty damn good about 4 months ago when I'd squeeze my ass into a mini skirt and duckface in the mirror while my son slept peacefully for five seconds. I'm not sure if I'm putting too much pressure on myself, but now I just feel gross. It was like my body was tight during pregnancy, and now it looks like a deflated bike tire.

Yes, that's a good analogy. I look like a deflated bike tire. With stretch marks.

I am ashamed to share this selfie. Mostly because it's a selfie.
Regardless of this, I've had many good days of eating clean throughout the craziness that is life. I've also had many not-so-good meals, and some not-so-good days. Can you blame me? I went 40 weeks without a drop of booze. No wonder I felt so hot during pregnancy. I basically lost weight.

With summer here, I can't have a gazillion more reasons to be too relaxed about eating. Here are a few suggestions when faced with summertime indulging:

1. HOST! You get to pick the menu if you're the one throwing the party. We had a birthday party BBQ last week, and I made sure to get extra lean turkey burgers (better for you than most beef burgers), thin whole wheat buns (less carbs and cals than regular buns), avocado (nutrient-packed and far superior than typical burger condiments), and lots of yummy salads (the ones pictured are from Costco!)! If all else fails, have a potluck, and tell people what they are allowed to bring. If they show up with something else, kick them out.

F yeah. 

2. Do small preps. For example, when you finally get some time to yourself, don't spend an hour meal prepping, unless that is therapeutic for you. Instead, do small meal preps during the week. I like (read: loathe) peeling hard-boiled eggs while watching the Bachelorette; and I prefer to chop veggies when I'm preparing dinner. Also, my husband is an awesome barbecuer! Tonight we cooked 4 chicken breasts and 2 salmon fillets, ready to chop and throw in a salad or add to quinoa or roasted veggies for quick lunches and dinners.

I know, I am the only person alive who likes cauliflower.

What's everyone else having?

3. Cook one meal, feed two. One of my favourite meals is a protein (salmon, chicken, pork) combined with my favourite roasted vegetables- 1 sweet potato, 1 squash (they have butternut squash pre-cut at most grocery stores), 1 parsnip, 10-15 brussel sprouts, 1/4 cauliflower, 10-15 grape tomatoes, 10-15 asparagus spears, and 1 zucchini- or, whatever I grab or have in the fridge. I roast a big ass pan (with olive oil, greek seasoning, cajun spice, rosemary, and pepper) and easily have enough for 6-8 meals that week between my husband and I.

Tilapia and roasted veg!

4. PORTION. This is my biggest problem. When I buy a Dairy Milk, I eat the whole thing. It's a serious problem. Then, I buy more Dairy Milk. So I've resorted to portioning out three squares that I'm allowed to eat every day. That's right- chocolate every day.

But only three squares. Fuck. 

I'd like to think I will grow up one day and become an actual adult who is able to have treats in the house without them burning a hole in my stomach until I consume every last crumb. I'll let you know when that happens.

5. Keep alcohol to a minimum. I am punching myself for even typing this, but the calories can really add up with drinking. Much like they can add up when eating. Crazy, right?

The words you're looking for? Mother of the Year.
Pick healthier options like wine, spritzers, light beer, or vodka soda. Try to stick to 2 drinks per week. I'm totally killing this- I mean, I went like, 40 weeks without alcohol. So if I average it out....

6. Be REAL. I will never make you feel bad about yourself for eating an entire pint (read: litre) of ice cream in one sitting.. mainly because I may seriously consider taking out stock options in Cadbury. And my idea of a cheat meal is not peanut butter on toast. That being said, either indulge in small doses once a day (read: my three Dairy Milk squares.. so depressing) or save them for a bigger indulge once a week. On top of that, move your ass every day.

And finally, surround yourself with people who tell you how amazing you look. This works well when you pay them.

Mommas- did you find it difficult to lose the baby weight? Harder than you thought? If any of you write "it was easier, the weight just fell off!" I will find you and punch you. Just saying. 

Monday, 17 June 2013

My New Home Makes Me Realize I'm Old.

Pin It So I assume you're tired of hearing me say that I've been really busy lately.

Anyways, I've been really busy lately.

Moving with a newborn (how long can I call my 6-month old a newborn? I'm thinking when he leaves for college) is HARD. It was the busiest time of my life, and still is- though I got a hell of a workout unpacking with Colton in the Baby Bjorn for an entire week straight. I also completely negated that workout by eating the typical moving food- pizza, beer (read: cider that looks like beer that makes me feel like I'm one of the guys), and pizza.

Ew. That pizza's going right to your hips, Mom.

It's been an absolute whirlwind, but we were able to paint the entire main floor, our bedroom, and wallpaper two accent walls all in the first week of moving in. I've worked out in my home gym several times, continued to work, hosted two get togethers, and have had some amazing family time trying not to screw up our son for life. It's been surreal to sit back and take it all in. I picture my family in the future in our beautiful home and feel so incredibly lucky and happy. Mostly for really embarrassing old-person stuff like central vac, 2nd floor laundry, a water dispenser thingy on my fridge, crown moulding, and california shutters; but also for a great backyard and lots of space for my kids to play and make unforgettable family memories.

That's enough of the sappy stuff. Back to sarcasm, my second favourite "s" word. 

New workouts coming SOON!!! I know you're really excited, Mom.

What "old-person" things in a home would you love to have, or do have?