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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Lock the Door, I'm Getting Ripped! (MostFit Suspension Training Giveaway!)

Pin It I often get asked what I do in my home that involves straps, pulleys, a locked door, and my body weight.

And to that, I say, it's none of yo' damn business.

On an totally unrelated note, I (and other hot chicks of the Mom Power Team) was sent the MostFit Suspension Strap to review. Now I love doing things in my home that involve straps, pulleys, a locked door, and my body weight, so this was right up my alley.

My son has no chance of a normal upbringing.

Suspension training is the latest and greatest in fitness training- you use your own body weight and get crazy amounts of resistance, totalling a core shredding, super amazing full-body strength workout using no weights. All of those adjectives were totally scientific.

The MostFit Strap is affordable, easy to use, and hurts like a bitch. You put the strap in your front door, lock it, and give 'er. I've included a video that shows 6 exercises you can do that total an all-over, killer workout you can do in under 30 minutes, regardless of your fitness level.

1. Chin Ups
2. Y Lifts
3. Push Ups
4. Oblique Twists
5. Jumping Squats
6. Plank

Complete each exercise 10, 15, or 20 times (depending on your fitness level). Repeat 3x.

No comments on my man voice.

I love this product! Suspension training is an excellent strength workout, and a sure way to utilize your core and work your entire body when performing an exercise. You can use it many places: in your home (use your front door), at the park (try throwing it over the monkeybars or a soccer post), or in your backyard (you just need a sturdy tree). Alternately, you can bring this bad boy to the gym and throw it over any universal machine or pulley set.

I used this when teaching my outdoor Stroller HIIT classes with Baby & Me Fitness, and the Mommas totally rocked it. We used a tree and pumped out a circuit- I loved being able to challenge my peeps with some hardcore strength training without lugging around dumbbells or weights.

Here's the best part (besides getting jacked): the MostFit retails for only $29.99!!! This is cray cray, as I actually have a TRX trainer in my home, and it cost me over $200 for the set. And I have to admit (sorry, wallet), I use the MostFit more than my TRX! It is SO affordable and it works the exact same (the only difference being that the strap isn't adjustable in length).

Andrew at MostFit has a suspension trainer that you can WIN for yourself! There are 4 ways you can enter, so get at it, yo. Contest closes Monday, August 12th.

In the meantime, I'm going to be hanging upside down from my chandelier.

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