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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Chickbands Giveaway! Non-Slip Headbands for Chicks on the Go!

Pin It Here's a truth about me.

I like to put things on my head.
I didn't say I had any dignity.

You have to admit, I look good.

I also like booze.
I went too far with this one.

Zack Morris was calling. He wanted his phone back.

Anything for fashion's sake.

That trophy should be on my head. This fascinator just isn't big enough.

Well.... I deserve this. 
You're welcome for that photo montage. Truth is, I've always worn hats, headbands, or clips galore in order to keep my hair out of my face when I'm playing sports or working out. If I wore a headband, I'd have to secure it at the back with 3-4 bobby pins to keep it in place.

And this is the precise reason that I have bangs. Look at that fivehead!

The Athletarian introduced me to Chickbands: non-slip headbands for girls on the go! I have to admit, I was a little sceptical but Kara, who is the nicest woman alive, sent me over two of the coolest Chickbands I have ever seen:

Where are my lacrosse chicks at????
This just makes sense. 
I've tested these puppies out in every which way:

Weight lifting. Stayed put.

Yoga. Stayed put.

Tabata training. Stayed put.

Running. In my mind, the biggest test. I tried it running outside and inside on the treadmill. Stayed put.

Visiting with Santa...

Stayed put.
I am amazed! These are for real. They straight up, STAY PUT. I love them so much I took them with me to Mexico for my workouts!

Other super chic ones I looooove:

Kara has amazingly offered one lucky winner your choice of THREE Chickbands for yourself! Here's how you can enter to WIN!

+1 each Like Chickbands and This Crazy Heel Woman on Facebook

+1 Visit The Chickbands Shop and tell Kara which Chickband you'd like most! While you're at it, tell me what you've put on your head for fashion's sake. Lady Gaga and I can't be alone.

+1 each Share this contest on Facebook or Twitter!

You must leave me a comment for each entry- either below or on my Facebook page!

Good luck!!!! Contest runs until Friday, January 20th!