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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Vega Sport: "Because Yours Is Not A Discount Body"

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Things I've wished for in the last year: 
1. For someone to create sugar free gum that tastes like chocolate. Actually, if I'm wishing, for chocolate to be low in sugar and fat. With all the taste.
2. For Christian Louboutin to sponsor me. 
3. For protein supplements to actually taste good and not be filled with crap.

Good news, my friends. I was lucky enough to be one of a few to try Vega's new product line: Vega Sport! I've been a fan of Vega's Whole Food Health Optimizer to put in my shakes so was thrilled to give this new line a try. 

This is when I knew we would be great friends.
Vega Sport is clean nutrition, totally vegan and amazing for anyone running marathons or training in general. I am not a vegan or vegetarian, but I appreciate that these products are all-natural and plant based. The Vega Sport system is pretty unique in that it includes clean products for you to consume before (Prepare), during (Sustain), and after your training (Recover).

Does the hot man come with it?
I really enjoyed the Lemon-Lime Pre-Workout Energizer, especially in the morning when I needed a pick me up before my workout. The Endurance products tasted pretty good, but I have to say, they were not for me (had I been training for a long race, I would try them again- but they didn't really agree with my stomach. Enough said.). 

I was VERY pleased with the :Recover" products as they are good choices for muscle recovery but they actually taste amazing!

My wish has been granted! Protein that tastes good!

"Because yours is not a discount body"- well, I like this. But you didn't know me in college.

I ate this one night when I was craving chocolate- totally did the trick. As well as that entire Toblerone, but who's counting.
I liked the protein powder so much that Santa brought me my very own jar of the Berry flavour- the container being bigger than my head! I love to mix this with greek yogurt, frozen berries, chia seeds and Ceres juice for an amazing smoothie snack that helps with strength, endurance, muscular recovery, and clean eating.

I also experimented with making some of my own no-bake natural PB Chocolate Chip protein balls (find the recipe here) using the Chocolate protein for one batch, and the Vanilla protein for the next batch- both ridiculously amazing! 

I'm hooked for life on these balls.  You heard me.
I'm thrilled to have finally found some amazing-tasting, clean, natural protein products that don't taste like I'm eating dirt. Now if someone could just work on that chocolate gum and contact Christian Louboutin for me, that would be great. Thanks.

How do you get ready for your work outs (runs, cycling, resistance training, etc..), keep energy up during, and recover after?

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