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I'm Katy! I'm a Phys Ed teacher, fitness and yoga instructor. I love fitness and fashion! Join me as I kick the crap out of you with my at-home HIIT workouts, and mostly make fun of myself.

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Pin It Here, I'd like you to meet my children.

You're welcome.

Okay. So actually, that's not my entire collection. I'd need to add my high heel boots, wedges, sandals, and a few heels kicking up in my room, that I have readily to try on for outfit choices. I'm sure you agree they warrant having a tab dedicated to them. Feel free to name them as you wish.


  1. Wow, I love shoes! I'm a fan of the bright blue ones on the second from the bottom. My husband supports my love for shoes and surprised me with orange Manolo Blahniks for our first anniversary. He, too, has a large collection of athletic shoes so he can't say too much!

  2. OMG! I *really* need organize my kicks -- they're all over the place & experiencing hard core sibling rivalry! The yellow lil number is screaming my name... let me know if you ever need a babysitter;)

  3. Your gorgeous shoes definitely warrant their own page!! So glad you have a little collection available for outfit choices too. Some people might think it's messy but I have to have at least a few pairs around for when I put together outfits!

  4. I'm also a shoe person. What size are you? I have a pair of nude, round toe Casadei with a stacked heel and it looks like they would have a happy home with you.

  5. I want a tab for my shoes. Le sigh. My Loubie fund is still going strong and hard. I promise!