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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Win a MONTH'S supply of popchips!!!

Pin It Who wants popchips???
Me! Me! Me! Me!
The lovely Adrienne at popchips T.O contacted me and sent me over a cagillion single serving bags of all different flavours!

Well this is great, but what am I going to have tomorrow?
At first, I thought this said "Happy Smoking". So, I went on my porch and lit up a cigar. Then, Carter told me it said "Happy Snacking". Let's pretend this never happened.
How amazing is this? You want ME to taste your awesome product, and SHARE with my friends??? I love blogging.

I first tasted popchips at a lacrosse tournament- I was in between games (if you know anything about Women's Lacrosse in Canada, you'll know that we play a ridiculous amount of games in the shortest period of time possible... I don't know how my legs survived). I didn't want a full meal, and I was craving something sweet and salty, but light. One of my teammates had a bag of popchips and I happily decided to eat the entire bag when she wasn't looking.

In fact, she's still looking for them.

They were barbecue flavoured and they were fantastic. Much more flavourful than a rice cake, and so much better for you than a potato chip! They're popped! All the flavours are derived from natural ingredients (no preservatives, artificial flavours, colours, cholesterol, non-gmo, and certified gluten-free), and less than half the fat of regular potato chips!
We all know when the snack bug hits us and we reach for something like chips or chocolate (and all other bloggers are lying if they say they don't). I felt good reaching for a bag of these to munch on while I made fun of the contestants on the Bachelor. Not like I needed help feeling good about myself after watching that, but this was a double whammy. Plus, I was allowed to eat the whole bag.

When you say jeans, you mean sweat pants, right?

What she said. 
Guess what, my friends? You can win a MONTH'S supply of your very own popchips!!! That's like, enough for an entire season of the Bachelor!

Here are the amazing flavours to choose from:
*Original (vegan)
*Barbeque (my fave!)
*Sour Cream & Onion (Carter's fave!)
*Sea Salt & Vinegar (vegan)
*Jalapeno (vegan)
*Cheddar (my second fave!)
*Chili Lime
*Parmesan Garlic

Additionally, popchips will throw in Theresa Albert's latest book: "Ace Your Health"- the cutest book with 52 cards- one for each week of the year- with amazing health tips and tricks that are EASY and simple to do! What a great idea! Especially since one of the tips is "Do not starve yourself!" Thank God, because I am a food machine.

52 Recipes and Challenges included! 
You can win all of this!!! Remember to share. With me. 
I can't wait to try popchips' newest flavour: Sweet Potato!!! From the reviews, I hear it's like "crack in a bag".

Sign me up.

Here's how you can WIN a month's supply of popchips AND Theresa Albert's "Ace Your Health" Book!

+1 each Like popchips on Facebook and/or follow them on Twitter and let them know the crazy heel woman sent you!
+1 Share this contest on Facebook or Twitter (@popchipsTO, @fit_in_heels)

+1 bonus Like me on Facebook!

Please make sure you leave a comment below or on my Facebook page for EACH entry that you complete! GOOD LUCK! Winner will be chosen randomly and contest ends Sunday, January 30th! Happy snacking!