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I am a momma-to-be, a teacher, fitness/yoga instructor, runner, celebrity stalker, chocolate lover, embarrassing dancer, wine guzzler, can't-live-without-my-girlfriends kind of girl. I also have a collection of high heels that strongly outweighs my collection of runners. My goal is to find balance in my life through health and exercise- and when I say balance, I mean kicking ass in the gym and enjoying food, wine, family, friends, and basking in celebrity news. Let's eat clean and do some craaahaaayzy workouts together... followed by a glass of wine.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Titika Activewear's Grand Opening- your chance to WIN! :)

Pin It This Saturday was Titika's grand opening on the super stylish Queen Street West- and I was blown away! Many of you know that I am lucky to be one of Titika's fitness advocates and have LOVED being associated with this amazing company. The bad part about being an advocate is that I go to the store quite often, and want to buy everything. Now that I'm pregnant, I imagine myself being skinny again and want to buy clothes for my 'post baby' body so badly.

Shopping for your body in the future is really great. I distinctly remember looking amazing in every article of clothing before I was pregnant, so I'm sure the sizes I will need will include a large sports bra and an extra small booty short. Yes, that sounds right.

I decided it was a good idea to stand beside the beautiful Brittany, store manager, as we were wearing the same Titika Maxi dress:

You can't tell, but I'm sucking in here. 
I couldn't help but covet these fabulous new fall pieces in the store:

The Strut Pant... mostly for the name itself, but the waistband looks ridiculously comfortable and flattering.

Hot Shorts... one day, my friends. One day.

This photo does NOT do this beautiful Zip J Jacket justice- the piping detail is GORGEOUS!!
The Radiant Tank has a great neckline and a wicked cross backing. Also, the chick in the blue has a nice rack.

 The Kick Serve Jacket has a stunning lace detail around the waist!

The dream capris are perfect for fall weather running, and have a great waistband- these are perfect as I find it so hard to find running capris that don't dig into my lovehandles. No? Just me? Shit. 

I am buying these grey striped Wendy capris anyway, and they are going to be my motivation to get back in shape! They are so adorable and would look amazing with the black radiant tank!!
Here's the best part: you can WIN a gorgeous Marathon Jacket!

This is an amazingly versatile piece that comes with a zip-off shrug shell- 3 looks in one! You can win the jacket (retails for $108 CDN) and pick your colour of white, light yellow, orange, or green!

WIN ME!!! :)
To win, you need to go to my Facebook page and comment on the contest link with what your FAVOURITE fall activity is! You must be a fan of FiH and share (publicly) the contest information. Winner will be randomly drawn on Thursday, September 27th!

While you're at it, check out Titika's Facebook friends, their fan page, and their Twitter! Good luck! :)

Friday, 21 September 2012

Thank God it's Fashion Friday! Belts, Flats, and Leggings!

Pin It Some of my BFFs have encouraged me to start doing some fashion posts (thanks for the encouragement, Jessi and Jackie!!!)! I've been hesitant because a) I don't want to be embarrassing and b) sometimes it's hard to mix fitness and fashion. Truthfully, fitness and fashion are my two favourite F words, next to "f*$! yeah", of course. So Jackie gave me the great idea to do "Fashion Fit In Heels Friday" posts! I hope you enjoy the new segment (segment? I couldn't think of a better word to go there. Apparently I think I am the host of my own talk show) and if you don't, well, then F you.

So I've talked in excess to my girlfriends about trying to find some amazingly fashionable, yet functional pieces to take me through my pregnancy. I was lucky enough to wear maxidresses all summer, but now that I'm back to work, I've had to make my wardrobe count! The kids at school have been nothing but lovely, and even said that I dress better now that I'm pregnant than when I wasn't. This is mostly because I'm not teaching Phys Ed this year, so I don't get to wear jogging pants to school every day... but I'll accept the backhanded compliment anyway. I take what I can get. 

I hate to admit this... but I've been living in flats now that I'm into my third trimester. I've still rocked the heels, of course, but I decided to splurge and buy myself a good pair of flats- something I've never done previously. I usually buy the cheapest pair, and my feet end up hurting more than they would had I been wearing heels. Well, not with these puppies. 

MK quilted patent ballet flats... RIDIC.

They are MUCH more than I'd normally spend on flats ($128), but I'd spend that in a heartbeat on a pair of heels, so I reasoned with myself. I have worn them non-stop with leggings, skinny jeans, and maxidresses. 

Speaking of leggings, I discovered BoobDesign maternity leggings ($49.00)- these things are so comfortable and I will be able to wear them post-pregnancy as well! They say to turn them around after you've had the baby... so I assume my ass is going to grow exponentially once my child is here. I dig that. 

This is often what pregnant women look like when going for a neighbourhood stroll... didn't you know?

I'm also loving blouses with animals on it- not animal print (which I also love), but literally prints of animals... like birds, cats, bunnies, and my personal favourite- the puppy! I got this maternity shirt from asos.com (50% off- $30!) and discovered that I still relatively have a waist if I pair it with a belt.

Add these four things together and a FAB shade of bright lipstick. Voila. 

I, Katy, solemnly swear, that I will never Duckface when posting for Fashion Friday.  
I will continue to bring my crazy antics and mediocre fashion sense to you each and every Friday. You're welcome. 

Are you a flats or a heels kind of girl?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Buff Brides and my favourite exercise of all time.

Pin It I am a huge advocate for push ups. They are, as far as I'm concerned, the best exercise anyone can do. Now, before you stop reading this, hear me out.

I like to call push ups the "lunges of the upper body"- just as lunges work multiple muscle groups (quads, hamstrings, glutes, core, calves), the push up works the chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, upper back, core, and even the legs!
If you know me, you know this was me, doing push ups on my wedding day.
I was also picking up a purse with my teeth. 

So why the hate?

They're hard, I get it- but modified push ups are still wonderful exercises for all to do! Often, people get discouraged at how difficult push ups are, or women believe that push ups will lead to "bulkiness". LADIES- they will do the opposite! Who doesn't want slim, sexy, toned Michelle Obama arms? I make my friends do push ups in their most glamorous attire.

Katie did literally 20+ push ups in her wedding gown. I cried a single tear. 

Kate did 3 sets of push ups. She is hardcore. 

I'd like to note two things: 1. This was also at my wedding, and 2. The woman in the blue was 8 months pregnant.

Push ups are the FIRST exercise I suggest to brides when they are preparing to get into that dress! So many women are afraid of the "back fat spillover" and push ups will, without a doubt, help tone this area. In addition, many of my clients/class attendees tell me that people often notice their arms! They may hate me (fine.. DO hate me), but I give results, people. Do your push ups.

1. Begin with what you can. There are a multitude of options- including beginner, intermediate and advanced options.
2. My biggest tip for push ups is to LOOK FORWARD- this will give you much better form throughout your entire body!
3. Keep your body STRAIGHT as if you are completing a plank (even if you are on your knees). DO NOT let your belly/hips sag- your core should be activated the entire time, like you are pulling your belly button up to meet your lower back- just don't hold your breath.
4. Inhale to lower, exhale to lift.
5. Ladies- you are not built the same as a man- so begin with your hands under your shoulders. Then, move them a little wider than mat-width apart. Your fingers are pointing forward and your elbows are wide.
6. For extra support, keep your feet hip width apart!

BEGINNER: Push ups completed on the knees, but with the upper body resembling a table top. Bring your chest down towards the ground and back to starting.

INTERMEDIATE: Push ups completed on the knees, upper body in a diagonal straight line.

Option 1: Modified Push Ups

Option 1 shown with stability ball

ADVANCED: Any push up completed on the toes.

Option 1: Regular Push Up

Option 2: One and a Half Push Ups

Option 3: Wide Push Up with Kick

Option 4: Push Up Spiderman

I'm a true believer in the push up! Women LOVE working their lower body (squats, lunges) so it is important to me to add dimension and option for the upper body as well. Try adding any of these options into your regular routine- they are all especially great for HIIT training and circuit training. 

Push Ups: friend or foe?
Definite FRIEND for this chick here. 

What is YOUR favourite exercise?

Monday, 10 September 2012

I've gained 20 pounds.

Pin It Last week was the first week back at school- and I am EXHAUSTED!!! I had a really amazing summer that, for the first time, felt like it was a long break. I work for a few weeks in July at the University of Toronto (teaching teachers how to incorporate yoga and pilates principles into their Phys Ed classes), and continue to teach my fitness classes throughout the summer, but this year I took a full month off in August! It was exactly what I needed.

The problem with taking a month off of your routine, plus enjoying nights out, weddings, and weekends away, happens in the waistline. With the baby weight, August was my heaviest month by far! I've hit the 7 month milestone- officially in my third trimester- and I've gained almost 20 pounds since becoming pregnant! I blame most of this on my summer. Here, you'll see why.

1. I hung out with friends.

2. I ate three different kinds of Kraft Dinner for a meal.

You may secretly be judging me, but thinking "I'm totally trying this."

3. I became a DJ.

My son requested Biggie Smalls. 
4. Emily and I became Oxygen Cover Models, for our amazing abs.

5. I indulged in some amazing pub grub.

6. My friends indulged in some amazing pub grub.

 7. I caught up on some educational reading.

My Mom then asked to borrow the book. I felt dirty. 
8. My family commented on how much weight I'd put on.

9. I got excited for Fall cooking.

10. I ate.

11. I met Hal Johnson.

12. I finally stopped sucking in.

13. I danced.

14. I danced.

15. I danced.

16. I remained sober.

Also, my eyelashes are real. 
17. I ate.

18. I had a close encounter with a beaver.

19. I did this.

20. Throughout my eating, non-drinking, dominating the dance floor, and eating... I did manage to work out.

I am glad to be back in the swing of things... though I will miss the eating.

What was your favourite summer memory?

Does your routine change with the seasons?

Friday, 7 September 2012

Sporty Like Me Sweepstakes (How I'm thisclose to becoming a tennis pro)

Pin It Let me tell you how close I am to becoming a tennis professional.

You see, I am very similar to Victoria (Vika) Azarenka, gold medallist and top-ranked tennis pro (she is currently ranked No. 1 at the US Open- catch her semifinal game vs. Maria Sharapova Friday!). My tennis skills are surely next on the list in similarity to Vika. She is one of very few athletes that can completely kill it on her respective playing area, in addition to the red carpet. She is a woman after my own heart- someone who LOVES sports and being active, thrives in competitive arenas, and love love loves fashion.

Here are some examples of our extreme similarities.

1. Similar hairstyles.

Vika looks amazingly poised rocking a braid.

I, too look poised and lovely in a braid, next to this bag of garbage. 

2. We choose good accessories.

Vika looks fresh and gorgeous in this light-coloured headband. 
I step it up a notch and add a hat to the headband. Fierce. 

3. Our ability to dominate our opponents.

You go, girl. 
This chick had no idea what was coming. 
4. Our ability to pose naturally for a camera.

Black jumpsuit, belt, hand on the hip pose, natural smile. Lovely. 

Black jumpsuit, belt, hand on the hip, creepy face. Frig. 
5. Our fashion sense.

Fashion tip- knowing how to rock just the right amount of bling. 

Juuuuuust the right amount. 

6. Our ability to look classy next to a huge cup.

This is the hottest thing I have ever seen.

As is this.  
Alright, fine. So I am a very distant second when it comes to being twinsies with Vika. Surely, I would be ranked No. 2 as a tennis pro, or maybe, just maybe No. 3. Regardless, this woman is freaking cool. I have always admired the very few athletes who rock their sport and love fashion just as much.

Peeps, there's a reason I'm talking about Vika Azarenka. Yes, she is an amazing athlete. Yes, she has fabulous fashion sense. Two of my favourite things colliding... but I'm talking about her because Six Star Nutrition is having a Sweepstakes that is SO amazing, especially if you love sports and fashion, too! You could WIN a $2500USD Shopping Spree in NEW YORK CITY with Vika!!!!

The Sweepstakes includes round-trip airfare for two, an additional $500USD in shopping money, and a Six Star supplements package (valued at approximately $250USD)!

To enter, simply visit Six Star Nutrition and hit "Like"! From there, follow the instructions under the Sweepstakes tab. You have until October 1st, 2012 to enter! GOOD LUCK!!!! (Official rules can be found here).