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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bitch, Please! 6 Minute Workout!

Pin It You say you don't have time to work out?

Bitch, please!

This workout is 6 Minutes in total and includes 12 full-body moves that you can do ANYWHERE!

I should take photos at this angle more often. My boobs look huge! 

Great news about this workout- you can WIN your own Gymboss Interval Timer- just like the one above! I use it in the video for this workout and it's excellent.

The Gymboss Interval Timer allows you to easily enter your workout time information- it will beep to signal your work vs. rest time. It's excellent to use for any of my workouts (especially this one!), and is very helpful for Tabata training!

Your 6-Minute "Bitch, Please!" Workout consists of 12 Moves (nothing fancy- just straight up!), 30 seconds each (10 seconds rest in between each move):

1. Front Lunges (Alternating)
2. Burpees
3. Alternating Plank Super(wo)mans
4. Tricep Push Ups
5. Plank Jumping Jacks
6. Squats
7. Pendulums
8. Bicycles
9. Wide Grip Push Ups
10. Plank Knees (fives)
11. Back Extensions
12. Star Jumps

So buck up, bitches- and get mad at me for swearing at you so much! This workout has MAX work time and MIN rest time- good for a quick, awesome workout in no time flat. At the end, you can tell ME, "Bitch, please! That workout was nothing!" (It's okay to lie).

To enter to win a Gymboss (you get to pick the colour!), simply Share this workout on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest and leave me a comment with the link to how you shared! You can leave a comment below, or on my Facebook page. Good luck! Contest ends Friday!