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Monday, 7 May 2012

Officer, I'm Guilty... For Killing That Workout (NEW Amazing At-Home HIIT Workout!)

Pin It Happy Monday! The start of the week- when we work off our weekend mistakes, when we have more motivation and greater intentions. Take 20 minutes out of your Monday with this killer H.I.I.T. Workout! (Shout out to Emily for giving me the awesome title!!!)

Peeps, this workout specifically focuses on full-body, functional movements meant for super duper cardio plus overall body shredding. You'll complete each of the 7 moves for 30 seconds, 4 times in a row (2 minutes total work time per exercise). Give yourself 15 seconds in between for rest (intermediate/advanced), or 30 seconds in between (beginners).

If you are unfamiliar with H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training), this is an extremely efficient way to work out. It combines periods of short, intense anaerobic exercises followed by a period of recovery. These workouts provide superior fat-burning and athletic conditioning. Not to mention, they are QUICK and the workouts I create are meant to be done anywhere- so no more excuses! You're welcome.

The Worm
Begin in plank position. Walk your hands back towards your feet, lifting your hips high as you go (the further back you go depends on your hamstring flexibility). Walk your hands back to plank position. Repeat 30 seconds.

Begin in a seated position. Keep your shoulders back and chest proud, lean back so that your core is engaged. Pretend that you are waterskiing- your feet are flexed whether they are lifted or on the ground. Reel yourself in to the boat by mimicking that you are pulling the boat towards you. Repeat for 30 seconds.

3 Jump Turns
Using a jump rope (or anything to use as a "marker"- even a line in the sidewalk), Jump laterally over the rope twice. On the third, jump 180 degrees so you are facing the opposite way. Complete two more lateral jumps and a 180 degree turn on the third. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Plank Twist Kicks
Begin in plank position. Without lifting your hips, pick up your right foot and bring it between your left arm and leg, foot flexed, like you are kicking a soccer ball. Keep your foot as high as possible. Return to starting position and repeat other side. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Dive Bomber Push Ups + Major Air
Begin in a downward dog position- Hips high, hands extended. Bend the elbows wide into a push up. When straightening your arms, explode up, full body, and jump your feet into the air as high as you can. Get some major air! Repeat for 30 seconds.

Side Plank Touches
Begin in plank position. Without moving your feet, Rotate into side plank so your right hand is on the ground and your left hand is to the ceiling. Lift your left foot as high as you can, touching your left hand to your left foot. Return to front plank position and rotate to the other side. Repeat for 30 seconds.

4 Lunges + 4 Jump Lunges
Complete 4 Backward Lunges, and 4 Jump Lunges. Repeat for 30 seconds. Make sure that your front knee stays in line with your front ankle- your knee should not surpass your toes! Keep your hands up and your shoulders in line with your hips.

Total Workout Time is just over 20 minutes- good luck and rock on, peeps! Happy Monday!