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Thursday, 8 September 2011

The 99 Hardcore Workout, and I Love You.

Pin It Longest. Week. Ever.

And it's only Thursday.

I remembered that working full time, and part time, leaves little time to a) stalk blogs and b) write one. For that, I miss you all! And I love you for commenting on my warped sense of humour. I heart you all.

A short post to let you know the latest Bootcamp workout that I tortured bestowed on my beautiful and hard core fitness group: the 99 Workout! I did this AFTER an hour of Pump, and I can barely move right now. Love.

This is based off another 99 Workout, but I changed up the exercises to make it even more hard core. Here she is: (I dare you to try it!!!!)


99 Jumping Jacks 99 Crunches 99 Push Ups (Modified) 99 Second Plank 99 Squats 

88 Jumping Jacks 88 Crunches 88 Push Ups (Modified) 88 Second Plank 88 Squats 

77 Jumping Jacks 77 Crunches 77 Push Ups (Modified) 77 Second Plank 77 Squats 

66 Jumping Jacks 66 Crunches 66 Push Ups (Modified) 66 Second Plank 66 Squats 

55 Jumping Jacks 55 Crunches 55 Push Ups (Modified) 55 Second Plank 55 Squats 

44 Jumping Jacks 44 Crunches 44 Push Ups (Modified) 44 Second Plank 44 Squats 

33 Jumping Jacks 33 Crunches 33 Push Ups (Modified) 33 Second Plank 33 Squats 

22 Jumping Jacks 22 Crunches 22 Push Ups (Modified) 22 Second Plank 22 Squats 

And... JUST in case you didn't get enough- we finish with an 11 minute run! We ran around the park just outside the gym and surprisingly it was amazing to be out in the cool air and give'er right until the end! 

I like to make my peeps think of me while not at the gym- so I make them work until they want to die and then when they're walking up the stairs or washing their hair the next day, they curse my name. It hurts so good, my friends. You hate me, but you love me. And you know it. 

I am exhausted. I forgot how tiring it is to be "on" all day and then stay on all night!! That sounded dirty- and I didn't mean it to. I can't think of anything else funny to say. 

I love you all. 

1. Will you try the Hardcore 99 Workout??? 

2. I'm always looking for new workouts to try. Do you have any suggestions?!


  1. Um I am totally trying this! I always want to switch it up and try new things! Thank you!! I miss you. I am struggling right now with so.many.things. boo.

  2. Wow...that sounds so hard! I did two back to back classes tonight- Hot Bod & Zumba...I'm dying from those, but in a good way!

  3. I love this! It will kick my butt and I MAY not make it out alive but I'll still try! I'll let you know how much I want to die the next day when every muscle in my body ACHES.

  4. Erm hang on please tell me i'm hallucinating...how many pushups is that in total!?! I think a small part of me just died inside... haha how long can I rest between each set... a day?! ;D Will give it a shot when I have a day off from muay thai and will report back if I survive it!

  5. I am stealing this workout!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my giveaways this week! I didn't see where you were following though but that may be blogger being slow to update this morning.

    The 99 workout has me envisioning the first time I heard about Power 21's at volleyball practice. That seems like a warm up compared to this! Props to you for getting out there and tackling it!

  7. Wow, that does sound like a hardcore workout. I'd like to try it, but maybe after a little more strength training!

  8. Sounds like a real burner to me! I don't usually do full-body routines, but this pretty much hits all the good stuff. I may give it a try on a Saturday.

  9. That workout looks incredible. Cannot wait to attempt it when I have the energy. I will keep you posted if I live through it.

  10. Looks like an AMAZING workout! I think I might try a modified version today (minus the squats to rest my legs from my long run yesterday)!

  11. Ok.
    All right.
    Let me get this straight.
    You're saying that you did 495 jumping jacks, 495 modified PUSH UPS, 495 crunches, 495 squats and almost 8 1/2 minutes of plank AFTER doing an hour of Pump?!!
    You're my effing hero.

    I will try your workout... I may, however, modify things ever so slightly.
    Like, perhaps I'll start at 10 and work my way down. That still counts, right?

  12. Tried the workout, didn't make it through the whole thing in an hour... ridic!

  13. In the original 99 Workout it's 9, 8, 7, 8, 6 pushups for a total of about 55 pushups in the whole workout.