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Friday, 9 December 2011

WIN a copy of the Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook 2!!!

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So, you've heard about my love of clean eating. Recall that I completely embarrassed myself thought no one would read this little thing when I originally posted about what "eating clean" meant to me. Little did I know, the lady behind the whole thing- Tosca Reno herself- happened on my blog!

I'm sure she saw that our abs were identical. That must be it. 
Or.. she knew I really needed to get clean. 

I was so thrilled (this woman changed the way I see food!) that she noticed me, I did what any other humbled, well-respected woman would do.

I shrieked, wrote to everyone I knew, and ran around my house with my Eat-Clean Diet book in my hands, wrote a blog post about how excited I was, and have pretty much stalked her ever since. I also may have peed a little.

I even went and bought a fruit bikini. 
This book changed the way I eat. Alright... I changed the way I mostly eat (why can't chocolate be healthy in mass amounts?). She made me see real food as fuel (I used to eat a lot of foods flavoured with artificial sweeteners). I have read many "diet" books but this is literally the only book I have bought and kept- it's the only cookbook in my kitchen.

...Until now.

(Likely to get me off her back), Tosca and the Eat-Clean Diet Team sent me a copy of her new cookbook- The Eat Clean Diet Cookbook 2!

I actually took a photo similar to this while I was cooking. It did not make the cut. 

I wish the book could be called the Eat-Clean Lifestyle, because it isn't really a diet. It's a lifestyle and a nutrition overhaul- GOOD, real food as fuel. Some tips that have always stuck with me after getting the Eat-Clean Diet are to drink a huge glass of lemon water first thing in the morning (to "get the engine running" as Tosca calls it), to eat 5-6 times a day (this is a no-brainer now, but when the book first came out, it was huge news! You EAT to lean out? Unheard of!), and the biggest and best thing I learned: BE PREPARED. Cook in bulk, make packaged meals, bring a cooler with you, and most importantly, EAT. Nourish. Don't let yourself get to the point where you crave the sugary or salty foods.

These are the pages I dog-eared within 5 minutes of getting the cookbook!

Most importantly: LIFT. Be strong! Add resistance training to your workout plan. (I know juuuuust the place to get some awesome workouts!)

I also remember learning about yogurt cheese when I bought the original book (probably about 5 years ago!)- this is basically the premise of greek yogurt, which is all the rage now. A high-yield protein yogurt that you can make yourself.

I've been thrilled to try out these new recipes over the last month and a bit, especially knowing that they are clean recipes.

Frittata Pizza- deeeelish!
Um, yep. This is clean eating. 

Chicken and spinach lasagna!

One of my favourites: Tosca's Lentil Soup!

This took about 10 minutes to prepare and went into the crock pot. Woke up the next day to lunch for the week! 

Squash, beet, pistachio and goat cheese salad with homemade pesto!
Southwest style chicken salad- with black beans, tomatoes, cilantro, corn, mixed greens, avocado, and cajun-style chicken
Spinach salad with fennel (new veggie I tried- tastes like licorice!), pomegranate, and goat cheese

Beyond all of these ridiculously amazing recipes, I learned so much about simple herbs, meatless protein options, and buying the right kind of fish!

I'm a big believer in eating clean, and I'm thrilled to share it with you- a great gift, or a great new start for the upcoming year.


Tosca keeps it real and shares a Sangria recipe.

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