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Monday, 30 April 2012

Move Over, Gisele. I Entered the Modelling World... For Five Minutes.

Pin It A few months ago, I had the chance to be a model for a day.

I know what you're thinking:

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh. You were serious."

"Awesome! A hand model?"

"Who was in the 'after' shots?"

I understand, my friends. But no- this was for real. I was asked to be part of the spring/summer line of Kathryn Rebecca Jewelry!
I learned everything from Tyra Banks. Look at that smize!
Now, when I say "asked to be a part of", I really mean "available on a cold Saturday morning", but I was thrilled nonetheless. Kathryn Rebecca has some beautiful pieces of jewelry- and one of the best things about working with Kathryn was getting to know her! She is so down to earth, talented and sweet, and... she brought wine to the photo shoot.

Saturday morning wine.

Sign me up.

Kathryn Rebecca is also having a contest! Pin any item from the Spring/Summer collection (show your gal some love- or, the other girl. That's cool too.) and you can win a gorgeous branch wrap bracelet!

So back to the day- even though I had the wine to kick my nervousness, I was a little worried to have my make up and hair done, to be honest. ANY time I've had my make up done in the past, it has been a disaster. No matter how many times I say to the make up artist, "I'd like browns, bronzes, peachy tones- dramatic, but natural-looking," I inevitably end up looking like Dee from Twisted Sister:

This resembles my grade seven photo to a tee.

Enter: Angie Di Battista.
She was the hair stylist and make up artist for the shoot- not to mention the MOST hilarious (and most beautiful) girl I have ever met on earth. I, of course, wanted to impress her- so I made sure I showed up with enough make up to look as if I was wearing none. Angie smiled, removed my "natural face" (What? I usually wake up with sculpted, bronzed cheeks and no bags under my eyes!), and she worked her magic. No, seriously- I think she actually is a magician. She turned me into a woman I didn't recognize. And for the first time, I wasn't Twisted Sister! I was bronzed! My lips weren't lizard-thin! Sparkly blue eyeshadow didn't end up on my face!
I had to try really, really hard not to smile. Instead, I thought of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and their perfection of the duck mouth.
Photo credit: Stephen Macleod
I'm trying to telepathically move the wine closer to me.
Photo credit: Stephen Macleod
Yes, I normally pose with my hand resting two inches above my shoulder.
Photo credit: Stephen Macleod
Photo Credit: Stephen Macleod
I'm not sure I'm cut out for the modelling world (and since I have modelled for a total of about five minutes, I would know). The real reason: I went three straight hours without eating.

In the meantime, from now on, any calls, emails, or messages must be sent directly through my agent- and please refer to me only as "K".

Have you had any make up or hair horror stories? 

Who is your favourite celebrity? (Besides me, of course.)