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I'm Katy! I'm a Phys Ed teacher, fitness and yoga instructor. I love fitness and fashion! Join me as I kick the crap out of you with my at-home HIIT workouts, and mostly make fun of myself.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Sport of Fitness.

Pin It I've always considered myself an athlete. I was an embarrassing tomboy as a child- think mushroom cut/flat chest/braces/oversized t-shirts- and related mostly to the boys who liked to play basketball and r.e.d.a.s.s. at recess (tell me someone else knows what r.e.d.a.s.s. is). The boys even let me play- most likely because they mistook me for one of them, but I didn't complain.

I felt comfortable wearing tearaways to boy/girl dances (where I stood in the corner for the entire time) and Chicago Bulls t-shirts on non-uniform days all the way through grade 11. I identified myself as an athlete playing hockey, basketball, volleyball, fastball, and badminton- I didn't know a day after school without a practice.

I went to university with some sense of style (and longer hair... thank God) but still felt in my element at the bar on the practice field where I played lacrosse. It was here that I fell in love... with another sport.

The sport of fitness.

Reebok Crossfit has launched these billboards and advertisements selling fitness as a "sport"- and I for one want to shriek I am so excited about it! I still play beach volleyball and floor hockey, but really have fallen in love with fitness and treat it like a sport- whether running, HIIT, weight lifting, jump rope, dancing, or yoga, I like to be competitive and that spirit helps me to push myself at the gym. It's times when I'm in the gym that I'm brought right back to my days as the mushroom-cut tomboy with no chest.

While my hairstyle has changed, some things have not.

What is your take? Is fitness a sport?