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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Booty Camp Fitness- WIN an Ultimate Home Edition DVD Set- 11 DVD Workouts!

Pin It Since I've started this blog, there's a few things you may have learned about me.

1. I like to drink my body weight in wine.
2. I like to eat enough chocolate that equals my body weight.
3. My favourite way to work out is with my own body weight.

Lucky for me, some people look past the first two and just focus on the third.

A few months ago, Booty Camp Fitness- Canada's Largest Women's Only Bootcamp- contacted me asking if I'd review their Ultimate Home Edition DVD Set! I jumped at the chance, as I've taught bootcamp-style classes for years- I call them H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) and Speed, Power, Agility (SPA)- similar to Booty Camp! I also know lots of friends who have gone to Booty Camp who LOVE the workouts and the serious ass-kicking. I was excited to see what they had to offer, and was totally thrilled with the variety and hard core-ness of the exercises!

Yes, hard core-ness is a word.
I get to choose 2 WINNERS! The Ultimate Home Edition DVD Set includes 11 DVDs, a jump rope, the complete workout calendar, measuring tape, AND Lifestyle Guide!
This Ultimate Home Edition DVD Set was previously only available to women who attended Booty Camp- but now it's available to you! This isn't just push ups and sit ups. Check out the trailer with some of the AWESOME moves:

Somebody get me a towel, I was sweating just watching that. While you're at it, drop and give me 20.

The 11 DVDs range anywhere from 16 to 42 minutes, and each DVD is different! You'll get a complete set of Recruit Camp, Basic Training, and Special Ops workouts in addition to the Tank Top Toner, Ab-Salute Core, MMA (Major Metabolic Accelerator), Dynamic Cardio Conditioning, Sun Rise Sun Stretch, Burn that Booty, Booty Express and Bounce n' Burn!

Do it, or else Sammie will find you.
If you like my workouts, you'll LOVE Booty Camp! It comes complete with a full schedule of what DVDs to do for a full month, and challenges you to complete 'before and after' measurements, just like Booty Camp. I also found myself not being able to put down the Lifestyle Guide- where founder Sammie Kennedy talks about nutrition and working out- but also does an excellent job touching on other factors that can significantly impact your results- such as sleeping patterns, recovery, emotional and mental health. I really relate to Sammie. She is honest- and speaks to you on a very personal level. Sammie has an amazing grasp on fitness and living life! As a fitness professional, this was very refreshing to read. Being happy is a key component to optimizing your health, and so is being REAL. Booty Camp offers both- hard core fitness, great nutrition plans, and great support from a team of real peeps.

How did they get my silhouette?

I LOVE that these DVDs are completely versatile and accessible for all levels (this kicked my ass!!!), and the exercises are totally up my alley- if they had included a bottle of wine and a bag of Mini Eggs, I would have probably gotten down on one knee. If you're reading, Booty Camp, I'll go ring shopping- you hit up the LCBO and anywhere Mini Eggs are sold.

There will be TWO winners of the Ultimate Home Edition Set- 11 DVDs, Measuring Tape, Jump Rope, Lifestyle Guide, and Workout Calendar!

To win, all you need to do is Like Booty Camp and Fit In Heels on Facebook!

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Please leave a comment telling me all of the entries you completed! Winner will be randomly selected and announced on Facebook on Wednesday, April 11th! GOOD LUCK!!!