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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A delicious glass of water, and a surprise T.O. treat!

Pin It My husband and I have really been enjoying the city this summer. The best part about living in Toronto is that   there is always a neighbourhood to explore, a festival to visit, a homeless person to see, etc. My friend Jessi once said that if she didn't live in Toronto, it would be the place she would want to come visit. That really stuck with me!

I got tickets to the Open Roof Festival a few weeks ago and soon realized just what a cool wife I was. We headed out to the Wellington Pub for dinns, where I enjoyed a cool, tall glass of the city's best water.

This was before he downed 4 beer. Thank God he is good looking, or I'd have cut that bitch. 
I had a serious need for chicken fingers drowned in wing sauce, something I thought was really important to feed to my child. I didn't feel the need to take a photo of it, however, because... I have a life.

Just kidding. I have no life. I didn't take a photo because I'd be taking a photo of what looked like a kids' meal, for giants. I gladly downed the entire thing.

After dinner, we went to the festival, where there was more food. 
The Open Roof Festival is freaking cool. We were at the Amsterdam Brewery in the middle of downtown Toronto, watching a movie. I surprised Carter with these tickets as the movie "Undefeated" was playing- an Academy Award winning documentary about a high school football team in Manassas.

Rub it in, Carter.

A great movie for two super sports fans!

It was a fabulous treat, right in our backyard! Which was a great change to the overgrown grass and poorly watered plants that I'm currently looking at.

What's your favourite way to "staycation"? What's the coolest thing you've done in your hometown?