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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Under Armour- What's Beautiful Campaign

Pin It Warning: It's about to get cray cray up in hurrrrrr! I'm getting sappy with y'all, peeps!

I now promise to quit pretending I am young and hip. I also promise to not use slang. At least for this post. Yolo.

Let's talk GOALS. Two of the most effective things you can do in order to meet a particular goal:

1. Write it down.
2. Say it. I WILL.

Under Armour has an amazing campaign set specifically to the female athlete. And when I say athlete, I'm talking about you. Yes, you. We are ALL athletes. Whether we play football or practice yoga; whether we kickbox or whether we love to run. Whether we have ever picked up a piece of sports equipment in our lives, or whether we are experts in our fields; whether we are beginners in our pilates class, or elite athletes preparing for the Olympics. We all have goals, dreams, people who inspire us, and all have differing ideals of what we believe is beautiful. Under Armour's "What's Beautiful" campaign showcases and celebrates just that.

I LOVE their latest slogan: I WILL. This personal mantra will work for everyone. Whatever your goal is, say it to yourself! In the mirror! I WILL. Write it down. Put it on your mirror with lipstick. I have my students do this for homework sometimes.

I'm a really easy teacher.

I originally shared the What's Beautiful video on my Facebook page a few months ago as UA worked at redefining the female athlete. I found it so inspiring! What's Beautiful is a community of women, all with different goals, coming together to talk sports, fitness, food, and sweat. It is so amazing! People share their stories about trying battling ropes for the first time, crushing their PR at a race, mastering a yoga pose, or logging in a certain amount of laps in the pool.

The one step in the challenge is simple. You declare a goal. It can be anything from sweating once a day, to completing your first triathlon, to attending a 6-week yoga class! You are much more likely to follow through on a goal by writing it down... so DO IT! After 9 weeks, UA will narrow the field down to 20 participants. The final ten will be decided based on a mix of UA and the community! Winners will get to participate in Camp Sweat (in Florida!!), train with elite UA trainers and nutrition experts, and receive ridic spa treatments  (Sorry. I had to use slang there. Ridic is the word that needed to be used.).

I remember the amazing feeling of setting a goal, and following through with it. Even if it takes longer than you think. I set a goal to run a 10 km race when I was 12 weeks pregnant. No one knew I was expecting besides my immediate family, so my goal was to simply RUN. This was a hard goal because I couldn't go as fast as I wanted to. I couldn't kill my Personal Record time. I had to really listen to my body and potentially stop if I needed to.

People thought I was going to hurl.

It was the most rewarding, amazing feeling to cross that finish line. I wanted to hug myself. I didn't, as I knew people would stare (more than usual).

The What's Beautiful Campaign dishes out Under Armour swag (I can't stop the slang... it's an addiction) to those who complete their goals!

This challenge has special meaning to me as I actually used to work at Under Armour Canada- and besides staring at the hot athletes (Tom Brady, Georges St. Pierre, Heather Mitts, anyone?) it was inspiring and gratifying to work with like-minded individuals who valued men and women as athletes. It's awesome to see how far they've come specifically in the female niche.

So bring it, ladies! Declare a goal, win free Under Armour gear, and perhaps even win the most epic trip of a lifetime. Because YOU are what's beautiful. Say it with me: I WILL.

What's Beautiful is a contest open to residents of the U.S. and Canada over the age of 13. 

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