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Monday, 1 October 2012

Run Baby, Run!

Pin It Running in the third trimester...

Is oddly amazing. For me, at least. I will be 8 months pregnant this week and though I've decided that I'm done with running until this babe comes, I have to tell you my strange love connection with pounding the pavement.

Emily and I at the Terry Fox Run... this was during the race. You can tell we were trying to win. 

As a yoga teacher, many mothers have told me how great it was for them to practice yoga during pregnancy. Not only do you practice your breathing techniques and get in tune with your body, you get to work on your core strength and flexibility as well! Sounds amazing.

Except I found yoga to be the most UNcomfortable type of exercise during my pregnancy. Between my belly getting in the way, to feeling lightheaded, to modifying pretty much the entire class (no twisting, no inversions besides downward dog, no belly poses, no lying down poses), I haven't had my usual love affair with yoga while with child. That, and wine. God, I miss wine. Have I mentioned that before?

Soon, my friend. Soon.

Running, on the other hand, I have. I'm shocked at this because during month 5 I started feeling really uncomfortable when running, and figured I'd reached my end at the time. I began walking and using the elliptical, which are both fabulous alternates to running, but decided to try running again in month 6. I would run for 7 minutes, walk for 3- or some combination of run/walk (run for 6, walk for 4, run for 5, walk for 5... something like that). It felt awesome.

I read on the Hungry Runner Girl's blog (who ran, like, marathons throughout her pregnancy... ridic) about the Belly Bra. Think Spanx for your pregnant belly- just as um... "aesthetically pleasing", only without the flat stomach.

Hot. I know. I bought mine in beige. Bad call on my part.
To be honest, I was hoping for a little bit more from this product. HRG raved about this and I don't find a huge difference when I run with it, though it does give some great extra back support which is fabulous. The hardest part about running while pregnant is the constant pressure- basically, feeling like you may have wet your pants at all times. I thought the Belly Bra would help more with that, and I didn't feel that it did. Running first thing in the morning helped with this- Nicole from www.makinggoodchoicesblog.com recommended that I try this, and it was GREAT advice.

Emily and I completed the Terry Fox Run a few weeks ago, and it was the PERFECT day. Perfect weather, supportive people, great cause, and an amazing run!

Embarrassing woman? Check. 
I thought the Terry Fox Run would be my last as a preggo chick, until I felt freaking awesome while running it (Emily, I blame you). I needed to take my usual 2-3 days off afterwards (the pressure kind of sticks with you... um, down there. You're welcome).

Here's where strength training and walking have been fabulous. If I ran twice a week, I feel like a f*@!ing champion, and reward myself with donuts or cookies.

This happened.
In all seriousness, running 5km while 8 months pregnant is like climbing Everest. It's hard. But it's the best, most accomplished feeling I've ever felt. It's a time when I really listen to my body- if I get a cramp, I stop. If something doesn't feel right, I stop. If I see Halloween Candy on sale, I'll stop and get some. For the kids, of course.

Today was the CIBC Run for the Cure and my beautiful sister-in-law ran with me! My Dad's band was playing at the event (way to go, Pops) so it was ah-maze all around.

Remind me to put makeup on the next time I'm going running. I said it. 

I ran into fellow Sweatpink Ambassadors Michelle and Sarah!! 

Whew... running in these Uggs were exhausting.
I've decided to hang up my runners for now. I'm thrilled with how long I've been able to continue running, and I'm happy that walking and strength training are still options! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to put my feet up and make my husband give me a massage. I just ran 5km, after all.