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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Will Run For Breakfast

Pin It It's become a bit of a weekly tradition to get up on Saturday morning and go for a run with Carter and his Dad.

Please keep in mind: Friday night, I am exhausted (like the rest of the world). I crave a glass of wine, a dinner that I don't have to cook, and movie time with my guy. The last thing I think about doing is getting up early (in fact, earlier than I normally get up for work- heinous, I know) but somehow, every Saturday morning, I would. I really look forward to going for an early morning run on the boardwalk and enjoying a post-run breakfast with my fam.

Plus... my Father-in-law always makes sure that there are some kick ass croissants waiting for us when we get back. Just saying.

Oh, I apologize. I was thinking about those croissants.

Heeeeeneway, we trained for a 10km race last weekend in the Beach- the Tannenbaum 10km!

Get me a $%#!ing croissant. And some makeup. 
The day was chilly as ever, but relatively calm. We ran through some nasty weather on those Saturdays, so it was great to have a clear day.

So this was calm for about 5 minutes. 
I had everything ready to go- used my Vega Sport Endurance Gel to get me going- especially after Carter and I decided to go out the night before and have a huge dinner and too many drinks.

Beautifully capturing the previous night's activity.
Surprisingly, I felt great during the run. I'm not sure if it was all the people, the weather (I love running when there's no sun- I don't have to squint my eyes and get a killer headache!), or this person:

Nice tail. 
...but the first 6km were a dream.

Then, the next 4km hit.

I'll blame the booze, or the fact that it was early, or the fact that I'm not much of a sprinter (I prefer longer races and I feel like 5km and 10km you pretty much have to die the entire time... am I alone?) but the last few kilometres were hard. It also began raining horizontally into my face, which was awesome.

Regardless of the last few km where I felt last night's dinner (dessert, wine...) I really enjoyed the people who ran, the volunteers who cheered us on through the terrible turn in weather, and the route- right along the lake. It was a fabulous run and I was thrilled to finish in 50:48!

I thought this was a croissant. 
I also love doing races when people are waiting for you at the finish line. Carter hugged me as I crossed and I felt like crying.

Then, I got mad when I realized we weren't eating breakfast yet. 
I was able to watch Carter's Dad ("Pops") cross the finish line after months of hard training. It was so rewarding to see! 

Way to go, Pops!!!!!

Give the man a few seconds, Carter. 
It was a great day that Carter and I followed up with watching football on the couch and ordering pizza. Totally worth it. 

Have you done a race with other people before? Does it motivate you more, or do you prefer to run by yourself?