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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Gaiam Contest- WIN the Gift of Unlimited Yoga and Fitness Videos!

Pin It Recall that I used to barely be able to touch my toes, let alone my knees. I stayed far away from yoga as an athlete because I thought it wouldn't help me (truth: I was terrified). I went a few times and absolutely hated it- and finally found a style and teacher that really worked for me. As you can tell, I've been hooked ever since.

Unfortunately, my amazing yoga teacher is not available at my beck and call whenever I feel like a good workout (it's not cool to call your yoga teacher at home, get nervous, and hang up). I'd try to remember her classes and do my best at using them throughout the week- but someone with zero attention span trying to do her own personal practice? It was hard. I work better when I have a set plan to follow.

Otherwise, this happens. 
When Gaiam TV contacted me last week and told me about their amazing site- unlimited streaming video (with thousands of options to choose from!)- I immediately got excited.

Naturally, I figured they were going to ask me to do a video for them.

Then I saw the line up of celebs on Gaiam TV: Jillian Michaels, Mari Winsor, and my personal yoga faves Seane Corne, Kathryn Budig, and Rodney Yee, and I began slapping myself in the face on their behalf.


Now I understand.

It is the perfect site for people who are looking for great workouts done in the comfort of their home- surprisingly, not all like to do push ups at their local bar.

The site include inspiring stories, meditations, fitness classes and yoga classes. There are literally THOUSANDS of videos to choose from that are tailored to your wants/needs- for example, I was interested in beginner power vinyasa yoga videos, and about thirty different ones came up (multiple instructors, too).

You can further pick a certain instructor, style, length, to suit your needs. Whether you're interested in Pilates, Bootcamp, Weight Training, Yoga, you will no doubt find multiple videos that work for you.

Fine, I'll do the Kickbox video. Now get your foot out of my face.
I have to admit, I was excited for this due to the amazing instructors that I saw were on this site- but being on the site really showed me that you can never stop learning, no matter how big or little your fitness background is. Buying a Fitness DVD just doesn't seem worth it when you have this kind of a library available to you- whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced- I got some great tips as a Yoga Teacher myself and new workout moves that I can bring into my classes.

Now if someone could just buy me all three of the above, that would be great. Thanks.

The cost of the site is $9.95 per month, but I'm thrilled to let you know that they are offering one of you crazy cats a three-month trial of the site! You can keep it for yourself or give as a gift- the winner will be announced December 24th! It's perfect for someone who is not interested in joining a gym, someone who feels more comfortable in their home, someone who'd like to bring images and videos with them (use your iPod to get good exercises to do at the gym!), or a fitness expert who would like to sharpen their skills.

Anyone can try a free 10-day trial, but in the meantime, here's how to enter the contest to win THREE months of unlimited videos:

(Please leave a separate comment below for each entry!)

1. Like Gaiam TV on Facebook and let them know I sent you

2. While you're on Facebook, Like this less-popular fitness wannabe

3. Browse the Gaiam TV website and tell them via Facebook or Twitter which video you'd most like to try

Good luck! The winner of this contest will be announced this Saturday, December 24th!