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Monday, 12 December 2011

The Naughty & Nice Workout... but Mostly Naughty.

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This workout is mostly naughty. Why? Because it hurts like a bitch. But when someone sees your ass lift a few inches, you'll be hearing only nice comments. Naughty & Nice. You're welcome.

Um, naughty and nice workout, Katy. Not weird and creepy. 
This workout will take you 40 minutes, or 20 if you'd like to cut it in half.

I said that like you couldn't figure out that half of 40 would be 20.

Each station consists of 2 different exercises. You will do exercise 1 for 20 seconds, rest for 10. Then do exercise 2 for 20 seconds, rest for 10. Repeat 8 TIMES in total. Yes, EIGHT.

While you're crying, think about the mass amounts of eggnog and holiday treats I'll you'll soon be eating, and then you can thank me.

STATION 1- ARMS + CORE (Alternate between both exercises- 20 seconds ON 10 seconds OFF, EIGHT times each)

Exercise 1: Five-Second Football Shuffle + Push Up
This was taken from Nike Training Centre, and I LOVE it. Start in athletic position and football shuffle for 5 seconds. Place hands down and jump your feet back to plank position and immediately go into a push up. On the way up from the push up, jump your feet back to their starting position, stay low and go back into the football shuffle. This move is KILLER!

Exercise 2: Tricep Dip + Hip Extension
Begin with your hands (fingers pointing towards your toes) and feet on the floor, belly up, knees bent. Complete one tricep dip by bending your elbows and leaning back. Push yourself back up by straightening your arms and bring one leg straight in front of you. Repeat, dropping the leg down and lifting the opposite leg after another tricep dip.

STATION 2- ENDURANCE (Alternate between both exercises- 20 seconds ON 10 seconds OFF, EIGHT times each)

Exercise 1: Sideway Shuffle
Depending on your space, this can be done in a large or small area. Start in "athletic position"- knees bent, half squat. Shuffle as fast as you can to your left (5+shuffles), touch the ground with your left hand. Explode back to a shuffle and move right. Repeat.

Exercise 2: Forward/Backward Run
Depending on your space, this can be a longer run or a shorter run. Begin in athletic position. Sprint forward at least 5 steps, touch the ground. Run backwards to starting position and touch the ground. Repeat, exploding out of your original starting point.

STATION 3- ABS + OBLIQUES (Alternate between both exercises- 20 seconds ON 10 seconds OFF, EIGHT times each)

Exercise 1: Sit Ups
Your goal with the sit up is not to completely sit up, but get your shoulder blades off the ground. For a challenge, keep your hands by your ears.

Exercise 2: Windshield Wipers
Lie with your back flat on the mat. Lift your legs into the air and your arms out to the side, palms down. Slowly move your feet to the right until your feet almost touch the floor (you want to to keep your upper body on the mat at all times). Using your obliques/core, move back to centre and follow to the left. Repeat.

STATION 4- LEGS (Alternate between both exercises- 20 seconds ON 10 seconds OFF, EIGHT times each)

Exercise 1: Fast Speed Skaters
Your goal for the speed skate is to jump as far as you can to the right, keeping your left leg off the ground. Punch the air with your left hand. Repeat, as quickly as you can, on the left side.

Exercise 2: Upper Burpee Jumps
Your goal for this exercise is height- squat down as far as you can and touch your fingertips to the ground. Jump up as high as you can and land back in a squat. Repeat.

There you have it: The Naughty & Nice Workout. Remember me when you're walking up the stairs, cursing my name. It gives me great joy during the holiday season.