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I am a teacher, fitness/yoga instructor, runner, celebrity stalker, chocolate lover, embarrassing dancer, wine guzzler, can't-live-without-my-girlfriends kind of girl. I also have a collection of high heels that strongly outweighs my collection of runners. My goal is to find balance in my life through health and exercise- and when I say balance, I mean kicking ass in the gym and enjoying food, wine, family, friends, and basking in celebrity news. Let's eat clean and do some craaahaaayzy workouts together... followed by a glass of wine.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Fit + Influential...? You Must Have Me Confused...

Pin It People often ask me, "How do you stay motivated to go to the gym?" "How often do you work out?"

Then I get these kinds of questions:

..."Why the hell are Push Ups your go-to dance move?"

"How did you find someone to marry you?"
Let me premise this post by saying this: I do not, in any way, think that I am a guru, expert, or know-it-all. I happen to be really, really freaking annoying when it comes to working out: I love it. I love the endorphin high, I love trying new fitness trends, I love kicking the crap out of myself for fun. I realize this is annoying because this is not normal. I also happen to be extremely lucky to do this as my line of work- through teaching and fitness and yoga instructing. The reason I started this blog in the first place was to, hopefully, share my love of ass-kicking with others, and hopefully inspire others to find their own form of fitness fanaticism.

For example: Couture Kickboxing. It's real. 
Recently, I became a FitFluential AmbassadorFitFluential is a nationwide network of fitness enthusiasts sharing their journey both online and offline via multiple social media platforms. To be considered Fit and Influential is an honour to me. I just won my kind of Oscar! I have to say, I am absolutely thrilled with how amazing the blogger and fitness community is! It truly is so rewarding to write, and I am extremely flattered to know that people like my embarrassing life and appreciate my workouts.

Read my blog, or I'll burn your ass! Namaste.
For this, I want to say thank you- to all of you who bother to read my blog, comment on my Facebook page, Tweet sweet and sarcastic nothings to me, stay friends with me through the stupid stuff I do, and come back to my classes even though you've cursed my name in the past.

I hope to stay FitFluential for a very long time. You people rock my socks! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to celebrate by eating excessive amounts of chocolate and spend all of my husband's money on high heels. For him.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support! <3 What does FitFluential mean to you?