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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

So Apparently, Walking Is Hard.

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Pregnancy is hard, man. It’s bad enough that I have to feel like a cow, but now I have to look like one, too? I am exhausted by walking up a flight of stairs; I have to shove myself into summer clothes as I refuse to buy maternity clothing until the fall; my tastebuds are off (I turned down pizza the other day.. PIZZA); and I’ve had to lay off the running seeing as it’s a zillion degrees outside. That, and I’m starting to feel pressure that makes me want to pee every 5 seconds when I bounce around too much. I did a jump rope warm up with my peeps last week and had to look down with every jump to insure I hadn’t wet the floor.

Have I sold you on pregnancy already?

I was still going to yoga, doing my own interval training, and weightlifting- but I was really missing some cardio.

My friends and I went down to the Beach last week for a glorious day of lounging out and enjoying the weather. A much needed street meat later, we were off to Baskin Robbins to get ice cream, when...
GOLD MEDAL RIBBON was finally available!!! I shrieked and hugged the teenage worker, then promptly walked out of the store with my head hung in shame... in the ice cream.

F YEAH!!!!

Afterwards, Amanda, Jessi and I walked down to the Beach. I wore my old woman crocs, seeing as walking to the corner store in flats nearly killed me the last time. And I’d be damned if I wear running shoes with a summer dress to the beach.   Does anyone else have this problem? My feet KILL after wearing flats- shoes or sandals. I invested in some crocs that are hideous but somewhat functional. It’s devastating, really.

Trying to hide the shoe hideousness.
The girls and I decided to walk the boardwalk- about 4 km- and I wanted to die. 

We stopped to take some very mature photos. 

Good Auntie.
I got home that afternoon and needed to sleep for about 6 hours straight.

Why is it that I can do hardcore exercise for up to an hour and feel fine- great, even- but walking at a light-to-moderate pace for a longer period of time kicked the sh*t out of me? I am afraid for my impending motherhood... I will not survive.

Since the walk that killed me, I have started utilizing the treadmill. I’ve come up with a walking pyramid-style workout that kills me... in the best way possible. Try it out!

Min 0-2: Warm Up Walk- 3.5 mph
Change speed to 3.7 mph
Min 2-7 (5 minutes): Incline 1.0
Min 7-11 (4 minutes): Incline 2.0
Min 11-14 (3 minutes): Incline 3.0
Min 14-16 (2 minutes): Incline 4.0
Min 16-17 (1 minute): Incline 5.0
Min 17-19 (2 minutes): Incline 4.0
Min 19-22 (3 minutes): Incline 3.0
Min 22-26 (4 minutes): Incline 2.0
Min 27-32 (5 minutes): Incline 1.0
Change back to 3.5 mph
Min 32-34 (2 minutes): Incline 0, cooldown

You will complete 2 miles (3.2 kilometres) doing this workout! 

In the meantime, I'll be getting ice cream and having a nap. 

My peeps- can someone tell me where I can get a support belt for exercise so my bladder doesn't fall out?

What's your FAVOURITE ice cream flavour?