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Thursday, 5 July 2012

WIN a "No Sweat" Spray & Wash To-Go Pack!

Pin It Many of you know I'm a No Sweat Ambassador- and that means that I really, really smell. True story. 

Between Carter and I, we go through at least one sweaty outfit a day, which makes for a LOT of laundry. Now, most of the time, I let my husband do most of the housework (I'm far too busy making a child and blogging, you know), but when I do laundry, I've been super lucky to use No Sweat as my activewear detergent. 

Depending on your stank, you can use it alone (you need the teeeeeniest amount- it is 3x concentrated), or you can add it to your regular detergent for an extra blast. It's the only thing that I've used that actually protects my yoga/workout gear and preserves the fit of it. We spend a TON of money on good workout gear, so it only makes sense to invest in the proper care for our nasty thangs. Thongs, too.

No Sweat has a new scent called Sweet Freesia that I ADORE- I've been caught smelling Carter's underthings on occasion because they smell so good. 

By the way, this is about a day's worth of laundry for my husband. Jesus Christ.
Speaking of sweaty, nasty things... let's talk about my underarms, shall we? 

Alright, fine. Let's talk about yoga mats.

No Sweat has a new product!!! They came up with Mat Spray in Sweet Freesia and Citrus Rush- which is fabulous to use on both exercise and yoga mats! I'm thrilled that I don't have the scent of cheese or feet when in downward dog.

I've previously ruined yoga mats before by using mat sprays- they take the grip right out of them- but I've used No Sweat Mat Spray to clean my mat on a regular basis- including regular yoga, HIIT, even beach yoga- and the grip is well in tact and it smells AWESOME. I tell everyone it's my natural odour. They all believe me.

The wonderful peeps at No Sweat have graciously offered one of my fab readers a chance to win a Spray & Wash Combo To-Go Pack!
You can win 2 types of Activewear Detergent and 2 types of Scent Spray! 
To enter, please follow No Sweat on Facebook and Twitter and let them know I "scent" you! (My twitter is @fit_in_heels!)

Leave a comment below (or on my Facebook page) telling me you did and that's your entry! Winner will be picked Sunday, July 8th!