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Friday, 20 July 2012

Titika Activewear Giveaway!!!

Pin It It's giveaway time!!!!

I've been extremely lucky to be a Titika Activewear advocate for the last year- I discovered this small heaven in the Toronto Beaches a few years ago, when looking for ways to spend my hard earned money on things other than chocolate and ice cream. As a Phys Ed teacher, fitness and yoga instructor, I literally live in activewear (and currently, maxidresses. I'm scared to go back to work in September and put on real pants). Finding Titika was like the time I discovered Cave Spring Riesling for the first time- I wasn't sure how I'd previously lived without it.

Fast forward a few years later, and I somehow conned the amazing owner, Courtney, to take a chance on me (likely because I drugged her coffee, and slipped her a twenty). She has been nothing but supportive and lovely, all the while opening new, successful Titika stores at Don Mills, Oakville, and awaiting the grand opening of the latest store on Queen St. W.!

To celebrate the grand opening of the new Queen West store (coming soon!), I have a sweet giveaway for my peeps!

You can win the Shaping J top- valued at $98.00!

Buddha not included. 

I DIED over this top (don't worry- I'm still alive)- as a fatty pregnant chick, trying to squeeze myself into my fitness gear has been a bit of a challenge. I didn't realize how difficult it was to squeeze my sausage arms into skin- tight activewear. Then, I'd have the great joy of feeling like Jessica Simpson in her 9th month of pregnancy.

Weight Watchers? Where's my $4 million dollar deal?

Holding this kettlebell was my workout.

You can't tell, but I'm smizing here. 

This top not only flatters the midsection, but it has the cute peplum-style bottom that floats away from the belly! It is super comfortable and I'll be wearing this bad boy out to the club tonight with a mini skirt.

Alright, fine. I am not going to the club.

But it will look equally as hot when I wear it to my grandfather's 85th birthday celebration this weekend.

The winner will get to choose their size and get their very own Shaping J top! I can only assume the "J" stands for "Jealous? You should be."

You can enter to win three different ways:

+1 Like Titika on Facebook and tell them your favourite way to get your workout on! (Keep it clean, people).
+1 Like Titika on Twitter and tell them @fit_in_heels sent you! Also, tell them to make me their national spokeswoman and pay me millions of dollars. Thanks.

+1 Like Fit In Heels on Facebook- otherwise, I'd have no friends.
+1 Share this contest on your Facebook or Twitter! If you do so, please leave a link with how you shared.

Please leave a comment telling me all of the ways you entered. You can do this below or on my Facebook page! Contest winner will be picked on Tuesday, July 24th.

Good luck!