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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

F&%@! You, Cancer.

Pin It Alright. Major tear-jerker here.

Catherine is a fellow Titika advocate, nationally-ranked athlete, and cancer punisher. She has been dealing with Multiple Sclerosis for 8 years and recently began battling advanced breast cancer in December. She has undergone 8 rounds of chemotherapy and a double mastectomy in her young 39 years and credits staying fit and positive as her reasons for kicking the crap out of this terrible disease.

Last weekend was the Kickbox for the Cure kick-a-thon at DNA Fitness (that place I talked about pretty much all summer- where Aynsley- a Canadian champion kickboxer- kicked the crap out of me. Literally.).

My sister and her son before the ass whooping in the summer. (Okay, her son did not participate).

And us after. Hot. 
The idea for the Kick-A-Thon was to collect donations- and for each dollar collected, the participant would compete one kick. Um.. just so you know, this is HARD. Check out this video of Catherine just hours after receiving a chemotherapy treatment, mimicking the 1 kick = $1. I want to punch myself for the last photo after seeing this. She still has 7 radiation treatments to go.

Catherine has worked with Rethink Breast Cancer to host the inaugural Kickbox for the Cure Gala, taking place this Friday, September 30th at the Fairmont Royal York. Think boxing gloves, black ties and ballgowns! Hmmm... Fit In Heels, indeed!

The gala will feature these limited-edition pink kickboxing gloves, and this model. Who I happen to know. Bailey, you are gorge!!!
Here's Catherine, Aynsley, and Bailey rocking it out on Breakfast Television! Watch how hard Aynsley kicks... poor Bailey smiles through it all, but good God, that hurts! As a side note, I love Dina Pugliese.

So, this is the coolest part (besides Catherine's amazingness, getting to dress up in heels and dresses and kick Cancer to the curb): Aynsley is actually FIGHTING at this event.

And she's fighting a GUY.

Good God, if I didn't already have a girl crush on her, I wouldn't know how to react to this. Did I mention she has THREE kids? I know. F her. (Don't tell her I said that or else she will drop kick me).

Here's the promo video:

In addition, Titika will be displaying their AMAZING clothing (I know first hand- LOVEEEEEE) at a fashion show at the event!!!!! Drool away, people!

For tickets, visit www.kickboxforthecure.com or find Catherine on Facebook at Kickbox For The Cure.

So- if you were feeling down, if you were feeling tired, if you were thinking you just couldn't do it today- think about Catherine. And do it. Whatever it is.


  1. Yeah, I need to quit complaining about my sore muscles right now... ;/

  2. Love this. Wish I could be there! I'll think of this when I'm tired and lazy. What a beautiful, courageous woman Catherine is!

  3. wow this is a phenomenal event and you wrote about it so amazingly! I wish I were closer and could go - thanks for spreading the word!

    I will keep this in mind, that there is always a way to overcome and overpower challenges :)

  4. What an amazing woman and a wonderful event!
    I work with breast cancer survivors and they motivate me so much. Whatever challenge I am facing I know I can surmount because they have walked a far more difficult road than I have.

  5. Thanks for sharing this! Wish I could go-that sounds like an awesome event! What I would give for some of those boxing gloves-they are too cute!

  6. WOW. What a badass way to raise money for an awesome cause. I love this! Wish I could be there!!

  7. Such a good cause!! Thanks for sharing! Wish I lived closer so I could attend and support! :( Will be an amazing event! Also I had to have a giggle watching that video, your right she smiles through it but I know it's harder than it looks holding pads for someone kicking that hard!