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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Jump & Pump and Emmy Best & Worst

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Thursday at Bootcamp I decided to take a page from Blue Eyed Runner and do a version of her Jump & Pump! My bootcampers were AWESOME last week when we tried the 99 Hardcore Workout and they came back for more! The great thing about Bootcamp is that we change it up every week. A typical bootcamp class could have anything from interval training to running to kettlebells to circuit training to 495 push ups (um.. yeah, that was the 99 Workout and I could barely move the next day)... so every week my victims peeps get something new. This is important to keep your body guessing!

Here is the JUMP & PUMP (this is for my American friends who don't call it "Skipping") Workout we did:

2 minutes Jump Rope 1 minute Squats2 minutes Jump Rope1 minute Crunches2 minutes Jump Rope1 minute Plank2 minutes Jump Rope1 minute Mountain Climbers (in & out)2 minutes Jump Rope1 minute Lunges 
1 minute break!
2 minutes Jump Rope1 minute Squats2 minutes Jump Rope1 minute Crunches2 minutes Jump Rope1 minute Plank2 minutes Jump Rope1 minute Mountain Climbers (in & out)2 minutes Jump Rope1 minute Lunges 
1 minute break! 
1 minute Jump Rope30 seconds Squats1 minute Jump Rope30 seconds Crunches1 minute Jump Rope30 seconds Plank1 minute Jump Rope30 seconds Mountain Climbers (in & out)1 minute Jump Rope1 minute Lunges
1 minute break!
And just for fun- finishing with: 
PUSH UPS!!!! 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 for a total of 55... Muahahahahahahahahaha. 

This was AFTER I taught an hour of Pump and then I had to teach Yoga afterwards. Can you say DEAD? No seriously... can you say it? It'll make me feel better. Thanks.

Now, on to more important things.

EMMY Fashion. The show is still happening, but this needs to be done now.

A beautiful woman in a red dress! 
A beautiful woman in a red dress! 

A beautiful woman in a red... you get the idea.
Not pictured: Lea Michele's 2 only other poses.

How embarrassing. 

I am all about following (good) trends, but this was overkill! Still, I present my Best and Worst dressed, and shockingly, both are not dressed in red:


I shamelessly watch Gossip Girl, 90210, Pretty Little Liars, to name a few... And apparently the only tween show I don't watch is Vampire Diaries. Nina Dobrev is PERFECTION. LOVE. 


Gwyneth apparently trying to be a tween. This is probably how my students think of me when I try to act fifteen. 
1. Who is your Emmy Best and Worst Dressed? 

2. Are you going to try the JUMP & PUMP Workout?


  1. This is awesome! I saw your posts on fb and was hoping you would have some pictures of these people. I agree with your best and worst!

  2. So glad to have found your 99 workout this morning on my girl Hayley's site - I surprised my husband with it and he now offically hates both of you...just kidding. Great workout, hes been drinking from a straw all day - aka his arms are SO sore,,, lol. Nice to bkog meet you. I LOVE VAMPIRE DIARIES....yes, i am 32, its ok. Its so good...you must start huluing the old seasons...the season premiere was thursday - which is our date night and my husband let me watch it... i blogged about it..lol. xoxo from Trinidad

  3. Ok I have to say girl... I woke up the morning after doing the 99 Hardcore workout, fine, not achey at all HOWEVER last night and this morning... I CAN'T MOVE!! My arms... aishh I love it!! :) DOMS at it's finest!!! Can't wait to try this next one!

  4. Dang girl! I'd be dead too. I agree with your "best" pic, but having not watched the Emmy's, I can only judge from the pics you just posted here. I'm loving the "Jessica Rabbit" look though haha

  5. this was awesome, hilarious. thanks for sharing. i didn't watch so i needed to see these. you should be on fashion police (please tell me you watch that)...

  6. that is a whole lotta red going on! I wonder if they were mortified when they saw how many other women were in red. that sucks! Nina takes the cake on the best red dress though.

  7. u wanna hear something even MORE embarrassing?! okay, i was watching that beautiful Nina girl before the vamp diaries on TeenNick's Degrassi. i hang my head in shame...haha. umm, but Gossip Girl rocks and i will say that one proudly.

    So...umm, where have u been in my life?!?! haha...i suck. but working on that. okay, that class looks kick butt and after all u did i call u super hottie!! :) that said, i luv u. hehe. :)

  8. I saw your facebook statuses about them and had my fingers crossed you would do a fashion post-yes! Nina is most certainly perfection. So if I do that workout like 7 million times can I look like her?

  9. I didn't know who Nina Dobrev was either but she is BEAUTIFUL! Love that dress. So amazing.
    And wth is up with Gwenyth? Who wears that? Formal attire should not show midriff. I thought she was better than that. Vair cheeky.

    Jump & Pump looks INTENSE, but in a good way. I think I'd like it!

  10. Yes I DVR-ed the Emmys on the TV at the house in Hawaii and yes you bet your ass I watched those badboys while IN Hawaii. (And forced my boyfriend and family to do the same. While consuming alcohol.)

    I LOVED Lea Michele and Nina I've-Never-Heard-Of-Her-Until-The-Emmys. Emily Blunt looked fabulous as usual.

    Worst - Amy Poehler (WHAT was she thinking?), Heidi (love her, not the dress), Zooey Deschanel (I'm all for quirky, but that was just fug.)