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Friday, 30 September 2011

Equalizers, Kettlebells, and Push Ups... Oh My!

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My favourite time of the week- Bootcamp time!!! Today we did a modified version of Tabata Training!

I set up 9 stations. For each one, my peeps would complete 4 intervals. Each interval was 30 seconds long and had a 10 second break in between. 30 seconds were given in between stations!

The stations included Equalizer Planks, Gravity Push Ups, Jumping Lunges, Speed Skater Jumping Squats, FAST Jump Roping, Planks with alternating knees to elbows, Sit Ups with a Pilates ball with two oblique twists, Kettlebells, and Heavy Bag Front Kicks.

Here is an example of the Lebert Equalizer Planks- these are HARD. The final 30 seconds felt like 5 hours. I've included an option of push ups, and push ups with a leg lift as well! RIDIC.

The next video shows the Gravity Push Ups (inspired by Tracy Anderson!). They are gravity inspired because you are trusting yourself to fall forward, using your upper body strength to keep you from face planting! (Great incentive, I know...) You are trying to fling yourself back to your starting position by exploding back up! They are insanity- Especially after 4 sets!

Have you tried KETTLEBELLS? I seriously think every woman should own one of these mofos. You can do SO much with it, and even a simple swing is some crazy cardio plus muscular endurance. You want to make sure your gaze stays forward, chest lifted, using your hips and momentum to swing the kettlebell between your legs and straight in front of you.

I apologize for my chest in yo' face.

Make sure with kettlebells to stop at shoulder height and always make sure your wrists are strong and not bent!

I felt amazing coming home after another awesome workout. Unbeknownst to me, it wasn't the best part of my day.

This was.
Muchos Amigos. Equal to 4 bottles of wine. What's everyone else drinking?  
Cheers to the freakin weekend!

Have you tried Kettlebells?


  1. OMG! Your workout looks awesome (hard, but like I'd feel like I could kick butt afterwards...ok, probably 2 days after it). :) Too bad I don't live near you so I could come take a Boot Camp class!

  2. WHEN are you inviting me over for wine? Geez, an entire box of it and I'm still waiting for an invitation? Let's get tipsy and do push-ups!

  3. I would love to work out with you! You would kick my ass though! I am insanely weak in my upper body. It's sort of pathetic and I think I was born that way! ;) My arms are as thin as pencils.

  4. Kettlebells are my favourite!! For real. I use them in my interval training all the time! I didn't know you should stop at shoulder height though. Hmmm I should be more careful. Those gravity push ups look so intense. I should probably master normal push ups first... Wanna come be my personal trainer??

  5. I like kettlebells, but I don't use them all that often. I have to admit though - nothing makes me feel more uncoordinated and clumsy than jumping rope fast. I'm awful! haha

  6. I did a kettlebell workout at my roomies gym once, and it was intense...I loved it!! I don't really incorporate them as much as I should anymore though...you are badass for actually letting go every rep...I would be afraid of letting it fly away or land on my toes!

    mmmm wine......

  7. Oh my! That push up with the equalizer looks like a beast!

    Bottoms up my dear! Enjoy your wine!

  8. uh, i need to go to your bootcamp. that sounds deliciously kick ass and hard! cheers to the freakin' weekend indeed!

  9. Ahhhh, making me miss my days spent at my favorite gym in Cali!! Love your videos -- love the kettlebells -- love the vino!!!

  10. Said it before and i'll say it again! YOU ARE MY HERO!! You need to release a DVD or something girl!! Wanna team up!? I'm not qualified or anything but we would have loads of FUN!! :D Haha!

  11. My friends and I were thinking about starting a bootcamp! Those workouts look insane - I might need to check out those videos when we get started! 4 bottles in one? Sign me up!

  12. I love Tabata training!! I need to come to your class and let you kick my ass!

  13. I already miss the weekend. boohoo! I had beers though (big surprise) ha

  14. So glad I found your blog and page today! Just the inspiration I needed! I am about 4 months into my "lifestyle change" of eating clean and hitting the gym hard! IM ADDICTED! I've been blogging for six years or so, but have recently started blogging about fitness, etc..hahhaa..funny how things change..here is my blog www.dottiecamak.blogspot.com

    P.S. This southern gal loves her wine, too!