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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

We're BOTH Winners!

Pin It ...Before I tell you the winner of RelaxReflect's Badass giveaway, I have to say- you peeps like your Candy Corn. An overwhelming winner to the "What's your favourite Halloween candy?" question! And I am NOT the only one who likes Tootsie Pops! Um... one other person likes them. Thanks, Samantha @ Health, Happiness & Skinny Jeans for validating me! And yes, we can share!

On to the WINNAH!!!!!
The gorgeous Vanessa at Gourmet Runner has won a new RelaxReflect Stars & Stripes tee!!!! Sorry Vanessa, you'll have to forego your beauty new treadmill and run outside a little longer! You'll want to when you get this shirt! Congrats, doll! Send me your shipping address to [email protected]!

Thank you for indulging me with my bad ass loserdom. 
I also have to share with you how I am a winner! We got a new RANGE!!!!! 

I am in LOVE. I CONVECTION ROASTED my first meal!!!!! Fresh Wild Salmon with Pesto and Sweet Potatoes!!!!!! I realize I'm using a zillion exclamation marks but I can't help it!!!!!!!!

I was so pumped I didn't even eat vegetables. 
With my zucchini (by the way, it was $1 for that massive mother), farm fresh eggs, sweet potatoes, onions and tomatoes, I made a mostly-local frittata (I added avocado and parmesan cheese) to pack for lunch the next day!

You can't see, but I'm crying tears of joy.
Why yes, I WILL place you in my middle griddle. F Yeah.
1. Very important question: what should I name my new family member? 


  1. I knew there were other candy corn freaks out there! Just got so excited and told hubs I won and that I need to run outside now. Needless to say, he was not impressed after the price of that freaking treadmill. Whatever--I WIN! Sending you an email now.
    Naming your oven--no idea. Do people do that, or just you?

  2. JEALOUS!!! That Vanessa won AND of your new range!!! Congrats to you both -- and I think you should name her...........Bertha! =D

  3. Vanessa has been rocking the giveaways lately! You and Christina have got to be the two luckiest people I know!

    My vote for the new range is Roxy!

  4. aww congrats and enjoy Vanessa!! I must have missed the candy corn debate, because I LOVE candy corn, it took me a while to try the little pumpkins, but I can stomach them now. I tried to do a candy corn martini once, I wouldn't recommend it...the wax on teh candy corn stripped off with the strength of the vodka and it not only looked gross, it tasted a little eh as well, and I love martinis!

    mmm a range name? I feel like it should be a robust name, bold and in charge...that's all I got

  5. yay candy corn!! Last year I was totally a candy corn witch for halloween and baked candy corn cupcakes to go along with it :) Congrats Vanessa and congrats on your beautiful new range!!!! Convection is seriously the best!!!

  6. Yay! I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets crazy excited about home updates.