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Friday, 23 September 2011

Hyper Heart Workout- With Videos!

Pin It I called this workout the Hyper Heart workout because that's how my heart felt... pretty much the entire time. My peeps at Bootcamp were raring to go, as always, and this week we did H.I.I.T. training.

On my way with what some of my peeps call "Torture Devices". Those are Lebert Equalizer Bars- Seriously RIDIC. 
The Hyper Heart Workout
1. Front Kicks on Heavy Bag 2. Equalizer Knee Up/Pendulum 3. Spiderman Push Ups 4. Toe Taps on the step 5. Mountain Climbers 6. Cardio Squats 7. Cross-Body Burpees 8. Get Up Sit Ups

My chicken scratch notes on the workout. I should add my grocery list.
8 stations equalled 1 circuit total: 45 seconds ON, 15 seconds OFF: Repeated 4 times (1 minute break in between circuits)

<3 Tabata! 

In between each station, my peeps had to do one TUCK JUMP! This was no problem at first, but by the 4th round: jumping as high as you can and bringing your knees into your chest... even one time... not so simple.

Best part about taking videos of parts of the class- I get a break. Ha.

Here's Goran killing the Spiderman Push Ups + Tuck Jump at the end! (Sorry- next time I'll know to take videos the other way!)


Elain demolishing the Criss-Cross Burpee (this NEEDED to be videoed!):


Melissa rocking the Jump Lunge + Knee with Stability Ball:


Gail pumping out the Knee Up + Pendulum Swing on the Equalizers:


And here we all are as I forced coerced made asked my friends to pose with me. Note to self: people are more excited at the BEGINNING of class.

You guys ROCK.
What do you guys think? Anything from the Hyper Heart Workout that you'd like to try?

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  1. I love the term "torture devices"! Looks like these ladies worked hard!

  2. Your workouts are fierce girl!
    And the Lebert bars are amazing! I trained with Mark for a bit so learned true torture from the master!

  3. Ah, you have the Lebert Equalizer bars!!!!! I love those guys. We have a conference every year for high school teacher-coaches (this year is the Women's Sport School, and you should TOTALLY come and hang out with me), and Marc Lebert always comes with his bars and his straps. He is a big hit with the ladies.
    Agree, you workouts are hardcore :)

  4. Thanks for sharing Katy, your classes are the best!
    Gail :)

  5. I'm stealing that cross-cross burpee move. It looks like a great endurance tester and core activator. Thanks!