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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tuesday Obsessions + Yoga on the Paddleboard!

Pin It Now that I'm devastated okay with being back to school, I'm finally ready to embrace fall. It really is an amazing season even though it reminds me that I'm the furthest away from my summer vacation. 

Here are a few things that are keeping me afloat during the busiest month of the year! 

1. Cooking- in Bulk. I love to do this during the school year. I have chili and soup already in the freezer for those days when I'd rather eat Goldfish Crackers than cook... and don't judge me that on some days, I just may eat Goldfish Crackers for dinner. And like it.

Root Vegetable Quinoa Stirfry! This will last for like, a day. My husband is a bottomless pit.

Squash, Turnip, Beets, Sweet Potaters... Hollaaaaaaa.

2. Bright Lipstick.

Good God, I love this trend. I had a thought the other day that I won't be able to wear lipstick for long- unless I get collagen. I'm thinking about it.

Shameless Selfie. I'm embarrassing- but the fuchsia lipstick deserves it. 

This is bright orange. I dig it. 

Yes, this had to be in capitals. 

I know what you're thinking: "That Twilight chick actually looks good, for once!" I agree. Let's hope she keeps it up but it reminds me of the time that Avril Lavigne looked good for about a week and then went back to pink hair and hideous eye makeup. 
4. My New Drapes. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I know what you're thinking: "God, you are OLD." I agree. 
5. Realizing I never got around to doing a summer-specific blog about Yoga on the (makeshift) Paddleboard. Using my #5 to reminisce about summer. 

Thank you for indulging me there. That isn't actually a paddleboard- it was slippery as anything- and what you didn't see was me attempt a handstand on the board... and fail miserably. 

1. How are you getting by in September? Anything you're obsessing over? 
I am on the hunt for a great black blazer with shoulder pads. I realize that you checked your calendar to make sure it wasn't 1985 (shoulder pads + bright orange lipstick?), but I promise you it's fierce.   

2. Would you try Yoga on the Stand Up Paddleboard?

Stay tuned for a "Badass" Giveaway this week!!!! 


  1. I wish I was hardcore like you and could do yoga ok a sup board!

  2. No way, that's a windsurfer!!! I have never done yoga on one, but it looks like good times. Yoga in general looks like good times. It has been FAR too long since I've done it. This fall I am making it my goal to get back on the yoga bandwagon!
    And the cooking in bulk + freezing bandwagon...

  3. I wish I was brave enough for bright colored lipstick. I love the orange! Yoga on a skinny something in water-I would be terrified!

  4. I will *definitely* be trying yoga on SUP board! AND I will also be hosting a "Badass" Giveaway this week! eeeeeeeeeeee!! =)

  5. I love bright lipstick! I rock it whenever I can reasonably get away with it.

    Right now I am obsessed with quinoa as weird as that it. But I totally can't get enough!!

  6. Um, I had a tailored tweed blazer with elbow pads IN COLLEGE. So I'm way weirder than you, don't worry. Your pictures are awesome, I love that you did yoga on a paddleboard!

  7. I will pass on the handstand. Quinoa stirfry sounds awesome! I must say, I am NOT looking forward to September fall weather.


  8. I am on the hunt for a leather jacket. It needs to be the perfect one if I am going to shell out the cash.

    I would try the yoga, but there would be no pictures involved. I can't imagine them looking anything like yours...

  9. I like cooking in bulk too, and I looooove those drapes! They're beautiful!

  10. Love your bright lips girl!! I wish I had it in me....or that my lips were bigger to pull it off!!

    I'm loving painting my nails in a fall color and having one accent nail on each hand. So cute!

    PS you won the Larabar Giveaway!!! WOOO HOOO!! Congrats doll, send me your info :)


  11. ugh i still want to learn to paddleboard! I am just deathly afraid to try it in the charles river....lol, love that dirty water...not so much...

    Also, lipstick looks great on you - I don't have so much luck....and that root veggie qunioa? I am going to borrow that idea....ok, ok, I am going to steal that idea and I am really excited to try it!

  12. I love those pics of you doing yoga on the water! So cool!

    I agree with making recipe in bulk to freeze for later! Nothing like a quick meal you just need to reheat after a busy day!

  13. I totally want to do some yoga on a paddle board! I need to move closer to some water ASAP!

  14. YESS September Issues of magazines! I'm salivating over Zara.com finally being live, and all of the fall/winter clothing I want to buy.

    I would be SO DOWN for Stand Up Paddle Yoga Boarding (yes I realize I jumbled the words) while wearing my FAB new sports bra!!!

  15. Hmmm...let's see, how am I getting by in September...in Ottawa...away from you...I'M NOT!!!!!!!!!!! Seeing you in your bikini has only made it worse now. I haven't been commenting on your blog lately, so I'm gonna throw in an "F NO!" to that 99 workout while I'm here. God bless you for being the most fit person I have ever met. You are an inspiration, but sadly I usually choose to only live up to the part of you that eats chocolate. Anyways, this blog gets better and better, as does your ass.