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Monday, 19 September 2011

Tuesday Obsessions- A HUGE... vegetable + what's your favourite Halloween candy?

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Time for Tuesday Obsessions! 5 things I can't get enough of.

1. This poster.

I so needed to look at this yesterday when I needed to blow off some steam! Mean people suck!
2. Being surprised with dinner reservations last Friday after a long week.

What do you know? Also a chance to wear my new mustard yellow dress from H&M. Not pictured: my face, head first in a martini. 
3. Finding a makeshift way to weight lift.

I apologize for my face. But seriously, this is a ZUCCHINI in my left hand!!! WTF???

Curls for the girls with my hand picked apples and massive member. Someone had to say it. 

Baby toss + Squats. No big deal. 

What a gorgeous child. 

Bonus points if you can guess how much this sucker was!

4. My nieces and nephews.

This borders on child abuse. 

Not pictured: the 20 photos where I have 8 chins. 

This poor child left alone in front of these massive sunflow- oh, right. I did that. 

Hahahahahahahahaha this was funny to the adults for 20 minutes. 
5. Halloween candy... in September.

So... what's everyone else having?

I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the world who loves Tootsie Pops. I'd be happy to accept any and all donations from your Halloween stash. 

1. Guess: How much do you think that massive zucchini was??? 

2. What should I make with the massive zucchini? (I didn't think it through when I bought it). 

3. What's your favourite Halloween candy?


  1. 4 pounds

    curried zucchini chowder

    Reese's peanut butter cups and those KANDY KORN thingies

    Cute pics

  2. hahaha, that zucchini is awesome! And so is that dress!!!! That is what Gwenyth should have wore at the Emmy's.
    That is a ginormous zucchini...I don't know how much regular zucchini costs, since I never buy it, but I will guess 4 dolla? Make zucchini muffins! I hear they're the jam.
    And I second the first commenter with Reeses' and candy corn. Love them both! Oh, and those little square caramels.

  3. hmmm....I would say 5 dollars, but I am thinking that is suspiciously high.

    I tried to make zucchini bread muffins once, I would venture to say they were the worst creation I ever tried to make...but then again you could have like 5 tries to make them right with that guy!

  4. Ginormous! I would say since 6 pounds? Freaking huge!
    Favorite halloween candy is NOT tootsie pops. That's what I would eat when everything else was gone. Fave is candy corn--holy cow that stuff is amazing!

  5. ooh..i just made a yummy raw zucchini salad...

    easy and delicious!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  6. 4-5 pounds? No idea what the price would be...

    I love dots and almond joys at Halloween because it's the only time of year I eat them.

    Also, I really love the poster and am looking forward to my own meal out this coming Friday, although I wont look half as cute as you did!

  7. Favorite Halloween candy is now and laters!!!! Also. Nice sunglasses! I have them too! Gucci!

  8. I said this to someone else, and I still haven't gotten the recipe, but my mom makes a mean zucchini chocolate cake, I highly recommend that :)

  9. My favorite Halloween candy is miniature snickers. I always want to like candy corn. I buy it and try and eat it every year but I always forget I don't like it.

    I also like caramel apples. I feel like they are healthy since I am eating fruit. :-)

  10. Umm..you look hella hot in that date night photo! Ok you always do in all of them but I am loving that dress and your hair!

    And I like Tootsie Pops too. Maybe we can share the stash???

  11. Love the spontaneous workout! And love the mustard yellow dress.

    Favourite Halloween candy is a tough choice, I love them all. Its embarrassing but I really like the candy corn, those yellow and orange things you only see at Halloween. Those and candy apples...mmmmmmm..drooling

  12. haha...love the poster!

    okay, best candy has to be junior mints...i can pop those forever. but i'm a big fan of 3 musketeers too...just don't try to skimp me with the mini size. ;)

  13. You are stunning!! Love the dress, I'm surprised I didn't try to buy it only to find out you just did. That picture of the kids is HILARIOUS!!! I can't wait to have children only to pose them in ways that make me laugh. Can I borrow that zucchini?