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Monday, 3 October 2011

I'm not Happy for you. You and Your Six Pack Abs.

Pin It Does this ever happen to you? You're so seethingly jealous yet in awe of someone you end up staring at them, cleaning up the drool on your fancy dress chin, trying to wipe the smirk off your face, and be happy for the person.

Let me re-introduce you to Aynsley.

This isn't a wax figure. This chick is real. 
Yeah. The chick who kicked my ass all summer. And who beat up a dude last Friday night.

Friday was the inaugural Kickbox for the Cure Event, inspired by a beautiful woman named Catherine- read her story here.

This gal was on the guest list!

I'm smirking because I realize how ridiculous I look. 
I brought my gorgeous friend Jess, and we got right into the spirit of the night.

Wait... how is this different than any other night, Katy?
You're right. Here's how:

Uppercut Couture. 

Special Edition PINK Kickbox gloves!

This is where I was most of the night.

This guy was actually posing. I shouted "WORK IT!" and he gave me this fierce face. I immediately downed 5 pieces of sushi in response. 

Not pictured: others gasping at the blonde woman in the purple dress with her face in the PINK chocolate fountain. 

This was a live auction stage, a runway, and a boxing ring. Imma need me one of these. 

I brought this guy home with me. 

Good God. 

A Canadian favourite: Poutine. This is exactly how my upper thighs look after eating it.
I realize I've sold at least 20 tickets for next year's events just by the photos listed above. But I'm not finished yet. Titika Activewear supplied the activewear (hence them being... an activewear company) and as I was stuffing my face with poutine and the chocolate fountain, I watched gorgeous models in Titika clothing.

Here's where I started feeling guilty for eating the poutine. 

Here's where I went for seconds. 

There's Catherine kicking some ass! I barely got this photo as I was busy getting pink Cotton Candy. 
I love Titika for many reasons: their RIDIC clothing, the owner Courtney who I wish I was BFFs with (pathetic, I know), and also- this:

Look again. That's a glass of white wine at their table. I love you, Titika.
Appropriately, a white wine was called a "Lightweight" and a red wine was a "Heavyweight". Also light: my wallet, from consuming too many heavyweights.

Anything for a good cause. Anything.

I decided to give back further by participating in the Silent Auction.

Giving back is really, really rewarding.

Sarcasm? What's that?

This silent auction page was for 50 units of Botox. I was so excited I did my best Botox smile. Then I immediately wrote my name.  
Up next was the Live Auction- a trip to London, England, a date with Aynsley herself, to name a few.

"Fifty F*&$!ing Thousand." Bonus points if you tell me where this quote is from. 

This is what classy women do with Live Auction Paddles. 
After violating each other, it was time for the event of the night: the FIGHT!!!!

Even from far away, I can see your abs. Damn you.

Good God. 
This is accurate in many ways.

This woman is my idol. Whoever she is. 
Momma said knock you out. Bailey brings new meaning to planking.
The night was a ravishing success due to the amazing men and women who generously donated their time, money, and/or skills to the event. I am sure Kickbox for the Cure will become a yearly event that I probably won't be invited to, as it will get even more popular. Congratulations to Catherine, Aynsley, Titika, and all the other people involved!

Almost all of us know someone touched by cancer. If you'd like to leave a message letting them know you're thinking of them, I will also share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

This post is for Catherine, and for my mother-in-law, who lost three very good friends to breast cancer. I'd also like to shout out to my sister-in-law Morgan, who works with ReThink, educating YOUNG women about the reality of breast cancer at any age. xoxoxoxoxo


  1. Looks like a great event! And great cause! Giving back with botox and wine, sounds like WINNING!!!

  2. Oh my Gawd..... I so love you already !!!!

  3. you look so cute and it sounds like it was such a fun event!

  4. Looks like this event was right up your alley! I don't know how you are going to top that purple dress-it looks phenomenal on you!

  5. Wow. How much fun was that. Great night!

  6. Yowzers - glad you didn't end up with a black eye!

  7. wow!!! what an incredible event and such a fun night!

  8. What a phenom night and recap -- I feel like I was there! I didn't realize October was the official month for breast cancer awareness.. I lost my sweet Grandma (My Mom's Mom) in December of 2001 and will never be the same:(

    PS: Here's what happens when you google "Fifty F*&$!ing Thousand." http://youtu.be/GvC-U-20SEU -- I don't know about you, but I totally want to see this movie.

  9. That looks like one amazing event. I would like an invite next year ;) I want to get in that ring and stir things up. Mad upper cut girl ;P and I love your dress.....and shoes!

  10. LOVE it!! The event looks like it was a huge success...and now I'm on the hunt to fine pink chocolate. I mean how much better could that be??

  11. I love that dress! Beautiful.
    Yeah, I would been a food table stalker as well. I can't stay away from the food table at functions. Especially if poutine is in the mix, that looks ridiculous!

    What an awesome cause. I ran in the Run for the Cure on Sunday in Richmond Hill and our team raised $30,000!!!! Craziness. Our team rocked.

  12. whoa! What an incredible, inspiring and freaking fun looking night!! I am walking for breast cancer at the end of October with work, and I have organized a couple of relay for lifes in my time...

    I always stalk the food table and other people's outfits/shoes/etc...it's normal...

  13. Oh my god those shoes at the end!!! Obviously not the best part about this post but still they are KILLER!!! And you look stunning in that dress love! It looks like such a fun night and for an amazing cause!! One of my best friends had a scare just the other week (thankfully all ok!) and it makes you realise it can and does affect anyone, such scary stuff!! Oh and btw, your 'best botox smile' bahahaha! That's me in a few years for sure! And "Fifty f$%&@g thousand!!" Def Samatha bidding for that ring!! Am I right?! Am I right?! :)

  14. I love those gloves! I don't even box, and I want a pair. ha