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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Partner Yoga!

Pin It Okay, friends. I'm a huge fan of Valentine's Day.

I know what you're going to say: "Why buy into the commercialism of the made-up holiday?" well, because I want to. That's right. I love the chocolates. Dressing up and going out for dinner. The champagne. The mushy cards.

Who wouldn't love this holiday? I, for one, embrace it by eating as many heart-shaped candies and drinking as many glasses of strawberry-adorned champagne as possible. After all, there's really only so much time before the Easter Bunny comes.

My favourite Valentine's Days in the past with Carter have been usually low key- going for a run on the boardwalk, grabbing a Starbucks, just spending time together like going to the movies or out for dinner. This is, of course after I open my mountain of gifts. You see, I'm such a great wife that I tell Carter not to get me flowers on Valentine's Day. He saves so much money that he replaces them usually with precious gems, designer purses, gold-covered chocolate, and expensive cars. Pretty much the same price as a dozen roses on Valentine's.

A few years ago, I forced asked Carter if he'd join me in taking a Partner Yoga class. Given the weekend, he accepted. He pushed, grunted, laughed his way through the class, and I loved him for it. So much so, that I decided this would be an annual thing.

Oh, and I'd be teaching it.

With him.

Surprise, honey!
Often, people think Partner Yoga is a one-way street- totally untrue! Flexibility and power are both aspects of strength. Partner Yoga works on both!

You can't tell, but we're both screaming.

I've taught Partner Yoga workshops at my gym, in my Phys Ed classes, and to upcoming Phys Ed teachers, and it is always such a blast. Partner Yoga can be- but is generally not-serious yoga. It's fun and relaxed, people laugh and have a good time; we play music, eat chocolate, and drink champagne afterwards. Sign. Me. Up.

Partner Yoga is based on trust and communication- and often, it's the couples who have been together the longest that are the most successful at it. Understanding your body in addition to your partner's becomes easier the more you know them. Here's some photos from last year's workshop:

Partner Tree Pose... Tony and Tash are just simply adorable! 

The pressure from Partner 1 in Side Crane Pose helps Partner 2 go deeper into their downward dog!

Often, partner yoga can actually help people experience the true pose in its full form. And I must say, nice form.

Recognize this hot couple? It's Christina from the Athletarian! Her and Dean came to my class last year :)

Assisted Bridge/Shoulder Stand

Side Plank/Child's Pose

I would highly recommend that everyone try it! It is a great workout for beginners as well as those advanced yogis. And hey, if you're still not sure, think of it this way: you'll be sweaty, hot, and touching each other- guaranteed action, people.

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

Would you try/Have you tried Partner Yoga?