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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

25 for 25 Workout- do this anywhere, all in under 25 minutes!

Pin It Whaddup, peeps! I'm knee deep in marking and exams (wtf else is new?) but, I learned a new slang term a few weeks ago that I am soon going to overuse to the point where teenagers no longer want to use it. But you know, yolo.

You only live once. Yolo. I love learning new slang terms! I'm changing my blog to "fitinheelsbecauseyolo.com".

So between my marking hell and using my time in a meaningful way to research slang terms, I am in need, as always, for workouts that I can do anywhere and that don't take the whole day. Because remember- yolo.

So I bring you the 25 for 25 Workout- 25 moves you can do anywhere- 25 seconds each with 25 seconds of rest in between each exercise- all under 25 minutes. SICK, man!

Legit, yo. 
A bonus to this workout- five peeps win a free download of Bit Timer App (available for iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and the 3rd and 4th generation iTouch)! A perfect and simple timer for your HIIT workouts! You can use the app by itself, or have your music playing (that automatically fades when it's interval time!)!

Reach your timer, bro. 
Here are your moves:
And here is the sick video with all the moves (I apologize in advance for the weird music, copyright laws):

Solid. To win a free download of your own Bit Timer App, simply visit my Facebook page and share this workout! Then leave a comment either here (below) or on Facebizzle and you're entered! Winners will be announced Sunday, June 17th!